Eternia: Battlegrounds

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Siege cities and participate in dynamic events in this open-ended MORPG. [More]
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Eternia: BattlegroundsEternia Installer

- Wage war against other guilds for control over territory. Capturing a city provides a passive bonus to guild members. Siege all three and dominate the country.

- Hundreds of items to collect and loot to hunt down. From hidden spells to legendary artifacts.

- A competitive and optional PVP environment. Prowl the map in a party because danger is never too far away.

- Public events throughout the map. Take on tough challenges with the aid of other players. These dynamic event are always active and changing locations, making the world alive and engaging.

- Over 40 quests to do, and more being added all the time.

- Endless depth and spell customization options. With thirty public different spell trees that every race can dive into, building your character is often a fun challenge in itself.