Star Wars: Knights of The Fallen Empire

by X-ShinraTensei-X
Star Wars: Knights of The Fallen Empire
"A man can have anything..if he is willing to sacrifice" [More]

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Version 1.1
Date added: Sep 11 2015
Last updated: Sep 29 2018
Last played: May 16 2021
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Roleplaying game in Progress

Our time has come. For 300 years, we prepared. We grew stronger. While you rested in your cradle of power, believing your people were safe... and protected.

Revenge. That is what brings us here. To the heart of our enemy. To the brink of war. The Emperor's plan is in place. Our allies are strong. The Jedi hunted us, drove us into the darkest reaches. They thought they had banished us forever. But now, finally! We...have...returned. Rage gives us power. We will feed on vengeance. Until the Republic lies in ruins.

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Riddles in the Dark

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