Pokemon Revenge Of The Taking

by XxDante1xX
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Version 1
Date added: Sep 13 2009
Last updated: Sep 14 2009
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If you wanna be apart of the Admin Or Gm's Team DON'T ask for it it will only minimize your chances.
- Game
Owner/GFX Artist/Hub Desinger/Coder(Dante=KEY:XxDante1xX)

-(MainHost/Heap Code/GFX:Minatouchiha258=Ron -

-Co Owner/BackUpHost:Need One

-Head Admin:Open
-Head Admin2:Open
-Admin/GFX Artist:Open
Do not summon players out of places they can walk.
Do not summon pokemons if you need them.
Do not mute / blind / perm freeze players because you hate them.
Do not bring ppl to GM Room it isnt a Safari.
Do not take Org Balls in the GM Room and give them to players you can take them but dont ever drop them to players.
Do not FLOAT Place you arent supposed to go Example:Aqua Galactic Magma Team Rocket Ranger Base ETC And Take There Prize In There Base.
Do not ban ppl for no reason he will report you to me.
Do not give players admin.