Death Note The Life Script

by Yakurenazea
Death Note The Life Script
There are Millions of Death Note's, however, there is only 1 Life Script. Witness the ultimate battle of Kira vs. Kuro! [More]

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Date added: Aug 20 2009
Last updated: Aug 20 2010
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Owner: Yakurenazea

Co-Owner/Team Organizer:Shaded12

Coder: Yakurenazea

Head Gm: Xeonxionx

Host: Arcteris

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Can you become the ultimate killer, Beyond Birthday, and kill L and Kira? Or stop them as N, M, or L? Or perhaps you can assisst L as Watari, or help Mello as Matt. Shall you take life away as Kira? Or will you bring life back to the world as Kuro?

It's your life...You decide your destiny...

Can you travel around the world to gain points to impress your Hero or Villian. Go to Japan, America, or LA an do what you want in an evolving role system........Many roles to choose from

Death Note The Life Script will be like nothing you've seen before, All while maintaining the balance of Death Note itself...

Coding = 10%
Iconing = 5%
Mapping = 0%

Before you go pointing fingers at me saying that i ripped off the fanfic (if you READ fanfiction) The Life Script (Category: Death Note) I asked MadxHatterxTeapot himself/herself and he/she gave me full permission to make this game...If you want to help join the forums...

If you would like to know about the creation of the life script (WHICH WE HAVE PERMISION TO USE), please read this:
also, for those of you who dont feel like going on the website to read the rules of the lifescript, WAIT TILL THE GAME COMES OUT! lazy *****'s

Some people might think that im ripping off of "Sabaku no Kira"'s game Death Note Online, or "Valoesdte"'s game Death Note Unlimited. They are two very great games, and i have decided to creat my own, because i love death note so much. Have a problem? Page me(Yakurenazea) about it. Especially those who have problems with me about "Sabaku no Kira". Seriously though, do PM me about it. My key is Yakurenazea for those of you who dont feel like reading the top. And by the way, if people complain about being similar to DNU, dont need to worry about that, my backup coder was the one who mainly helped coding DNU, so if valo complains, he will simply use the extract safe verb on his game >_>

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