+ Deadly Alliance +

by Yen-Dao Nin
+ Deadly Alliance +
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Date added: Jul 19 2013
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byond://BYOND.world.1254213652 [Players Online: 42
Version: 2.4.3 | Main Server
Online Time: 3 day(s), 20 hour(s), 47 minute(s) and 33 second(s)
This is the Main Server.

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[ Deadly Alliance ]

We Have ;

> Permanent Hosting On A Shell Server.

> Working Regular Timed Tournaments & Events.

> Plenty of ways to gain stats and level.

> Always creating new attacks.

> Friendly Laid Back Environment.

> Friendly Staff.

> Open to player input/feedback & Suggestions.

> And Regular Updates! If it's broken let us know! We Will Fix It!!.

Staff List

  • Grimm - Owner/Programmer/Mapper

  • Ronnoc - Icon Artist
  • Credits

    Thank You to everyone who chooses to support us and keep us up and running!. All the player feedback and input is greatly appreciated! keep it coming it'll help us to improve grow and progress! Thank you all!! - Grimm!