Soul Raiderz

by Youngplaier
Soul Raiderz
Adventure pvp mmo where u explore the Xirian universe raid different worlds for the soul crystals for the sake of good or evil. [More]

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Version 1.0
Date added: Jun 13 2012
Last updated: Jul 30 2012
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Soul Guardians (Good) , The Knights of Soul (Bad) and The Forever Souls (Neutal)
the souls guardians was the protectors of the sacret soul gems but after the last
great war the sacret gems scattered and burned out now 100 yrs later the gems are
starting to reactivate to those who wield the will and soul power and the knights of soul
want them to wipe out mankind and start a new world order and the souls is trying to stop
them the forver souls dont care what happen to the world all they seek is imortality some
of them are good and some are evil and they can change at any time
The galaxy which this take place: Xirian Universe

The are 2 Realms, 3 counting the wildlands.

Balance of Power between them.

The Divinus Realm is mainly composed of the following three races.

Hermitians-Peaceful Race. Healers and mystics by nature.
Phyrians-Warriors of Honor, combat oriented.
Eternians- Long lived race of beings that have a higher connection to divinity and possess great knowledge.

Borderlands- Large expanse where nomads and others can wander.
The Knights of Soul are mainly composed of three races that dwell in the Dark Realms.

Ragnarks- Brutal warriors that revel in destruction and chaos.
Dominion Lords- Enjoy controlling, commanding and suppressing others.
Union- Believe that all should be under one command, no individualism.

The great war was started by the Union, who bought the savage
Ragnarks under their control. Using their influence over the Ragnarks
the Union then subjugated the Dominion Lords and made them do
their bidding. All three of these races banned together in an effort
to take the Soul Crystal and use it's power to further their belief
of one mindset through out the world.

The Eternians rallied the Races of the Phyrians to help defend
against the threat , supported by the powerful healing magics of
the Hermitians they fought back the Knights of the Soul, but at
a terrible cost. The Soul Crystal was destroyed, smashed and
scattered across the lands, scarring the lands as well as making
some places inaccessible.

The two realms were split, unable to interact with one another,
both armies wounded , they retreated and made new society in their
respective realms until the once thought dead crystal began to
activate.. affecting the land and very reality around it. The
veil of shadow, the mysterious power that seperated the two realms
slowly fell, and the Union once again saw their chance to seize
* Customize your character to your liking.
* Over 6+ different Races and Racial Abilities to chose from.
* 3 Faction to choose from: Soul Guardians, The Knights of Soul, and The Forever Souls.
* 4 main classes to pick from: Mage, Fighter, Thief, Cleric.
*Dual class system.
* 17+ Hybrid classes to evolve into.
* Transformations.
* Mounts, pets, and Summons.
* Unique weapons.
* Amazing element system.
* Master the 3 Sacred knowledge of the Martial Combat, Arcane Magic , and Soul Power.
* A new era has come....You choose the outcome.
Youngplaier:{Owner}(Mapper/Progammer/Pixel Artist)
Dariuc:{Co-owner)(Lead Programmer)
:(Lead Pixel Artist)


Youngplaier: (Jun 14 2012, 7:24 am)
yea the for the pic but in the game the icons are not the same its original iconing
ImmeasurableHate: (Jun 14 2012, 7:22 am)
is your icon from this game or something like maple story?