Dragonball GT: Immortal Dragons

by Zelosv
You decide Good,Evil or..... [More]

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Byond Game
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You are the one who chooses your fate.You have been chosen by the Galaxy to protect the planet BUT. Only you chose your own path The Good Or The Evil But Can Can Also Chose to...(The Third Decision Does Not Have And Ending You Have To Choose The Decision)

I am looking for a person HOST if u could host 24/7 or nearly 24/7 i will give you the host files!!!!>.O(Ninjacris)(HOST)(CO-OWNER)



*NOTE Gm's have not been decided Yet >_>

*****PLAYER RULES*****
Player Rules

Please Read Rules Carefully, Ignorance Will NOT be tolerated!

Rule #1. No Muti-key. 1st time is warning, 2nd time results in a ban/boot!

Rule #2. Do not ask for GM status, just enjoy the game like everyone else! (GM's will be picked when needed, and only Me and Ninjacris, decides when it's needed)

Rule #3. If u find a bug, report it to a GM. DO NOT take advantage of any bugs.(if u are over powered, u will be banned)

Rule #4. Do not spam the OOC. If you spam the OOC, u will be booted!

Rule #4. Do not promote other Byond games in the OOC, you will be booted!

Rule #5. Do not disrespect GMs.

Rule #6. You can cuss but dont go over exagerated on the OOC or say. You will be temporarily muted. No filter avoid, dont even try it!

Rule #7. No racist remarks, keep them to your self.(you will be muted or banned)

Rule #8. AFK training is allowed, make sure you AFK train in the safe zone.

*******GM RULES********

Rule #1. Do not give players free items (Only in Budo's or when i say so or cris)

Rule #2. Do not abuse your abilities as GM. You will be demoted and/or banned.(summon kill, jail for no reason)

Rule #3. Don't stay idle more then 50% of the time you are on. Do your job!!!

Rule #4. Do not make favorites with certain players, treat everybody with the same amount of respect.

Rule #5. Do not mute/ban/boot people because you are un-happy, let another GM stand in your place ATM. (demotion to player, no matter what lvl GM you are)

Rule #6. Do not ban without the consent of the owner/host, check in first.

Rule #7. No abuse what-so-ever. Any abuse reported will be documented and revised by a higher level GM.

Rule #8.Only lvl 5 Gm's can turn invisible only from time to time but NEVER EVER in battle or you will get your powers locked for 2 hours or when ever me and crissay so

Rule #9. No spamming in the OOC please.

Rule #10. Do not discredit GM's without proof (screenprint), if you do anyway, make sure you can back the threads up or you'll get banned/booted.

Rule #11. No icons that blend in with surroundings or u will be booted.(GM's can become invisible but not in battles or Demote)Player Or Gms.


Regie321: (Nov 21 2011, 10:15 am)
are u going to host it