Naruto: Tale of The Shinobi

by Zephiral Arcadia Productions
Naruto: Tale of The Shinobi
This is a new pure role-playing game. You won't find anyone using verbs here, rather good solid roleplay all the way. [More]

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Owner: Big Pappy
Icon Artist: Big Pappy [Looking for another]
Programmer: Big Pappy [Looking for another]
GFX Artist: Raptura
Main Admin: Raptura
Current Host: Duke17x17

Player Rules

1. No spamming.
2. Keep swearing to a MINIMUM.
3. No porn related links.
4. No non-RP killing, no warnings. You WILL be banned.
5. No begging for Genin/Chuunin/Jounin exams, they’ll be hosted by your Kage at selected times.
6. No racism.
7. No multi-keying.
8. Do NOT death avoid. This meanings AFK’ing and logging out when you’re about to die.
9. Do not use any type of god modding while roleplaying in the game. If you're caught, one a warning - then you get banned for a week. If it continues, well, you're not welcome to play the game anymore and you WILL be IP banned.
10. Use logic when creating your role-playing chracter. That's not even that hard, your character's skills should reflect your role-playing skills. You will never see any 12-year-old kages, nor any anbu-jounin at that age. It's just not going to happen.

Rank Progression Requirements:

All these ranks are subjective to your skill in role-play. If your Kage/Jounin does not see you as a good enough role-player, this might not be enough to allow you to progress into the next rank

Student to Genin - Find a Jounin to roleplay and coordinate with to do a Genin exam.

Genin to Chuunin - Complete 10 missions, two of them being C-rank or higher. Coordinate with your jounin-sensei to be nominated for the next Chuunin exams.

Chuunin to Jounin - Complete 35 missions, 10 of them being B rank or higher

Jounin to Anbu - Show unusual abilities for completing high-ranking missions, as well as capturing, assassinations, and information-gathering skills.

Medical Specialist Ability:

Once a player has been killed, the opposing shinobi can recover the body and take it to an allied Medical Specialist. If that Medic is Jounin or higher in rank, he can uncover jutsu and secrets about the body and the village it belongs to.

[1,2 jutsus, depending on the number - only jutsu that were used in-battle.]

Genin Exams:

Genin Exams are obtained when a Jounin/Chuunin host the exam, which is normally twice a week. I will be getting actual dates and times they take place so there's no confustion.

Part 1

Three difficult questions will be asked to the Genins, at which point they have thirty seconds to reply or they are disqualified from testing any further. The answers will have to specific enough to satisfy the one holding the exam [Also me]. This will be much more difficult than any Genin exam you have experienced on Byond - beware.

You would be smart to study everything from teh definition of chakra to how you perform a jutsu using your chakra.

Part 2

This phase of the Genin Exam is a fairly well-known one among byond games and the original Naruto Series/Manga. You are required to perform a Bunshin-no-Jutsu, but unlike the others you have to write at least four-to-five lines of role-play text in order for it to be accepted as a passing bunshin.

Part 3:

Not much that merits an explanation since most of it falls along the same lines as the Bunshin-no-jutsu test, however instead you will be performing a Henge-no-jutsu that is exact to the Instructor's physical attributes. This requires four-to-five lines of roleplay.

Even if you meet the length requirements, the quality might not be suitable for a Genin and you can still be subjected to failure regardless, so practice your writing and prevail as Shinobi!

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Credits to Sarex for helping me with some programming conflictions, as well as a conduit to our first server..