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Alpha Stage. Don't expect much. [More]

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Date added: Aug 22 2008
Last updated: Jul 30 2011
Last played: Mar 13 2009
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Well guess I can't keep this like this forever so as of today 5:17PM CT US and Canada July 30 2011, I'm gonna try to work on this as best as I could.

Some changes:
Might not add Axl
Fix whatever needed to be fix

So far that's about all I can think of so don't expect too much.

Wondering where I am and not on byond? You can see me at some of my favorite games that are probably up still. Resident Evil Online 2 and Megaman Wars. That's for byond and well there's League of Legends otherwise I'm playing the PS2, PS3 or on my laptop playing ACS and more.