Naruto, Call Of Shinobi: Anbu Blackops

by Zerok Kaiba
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Date added: Sep 6 2011
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Naruto, Call Of Shinobi: Anbu Blackops
War is a-foot! Heroes, Villains, Akatsuki. Choose your side in this new original Naruto Sidescroller! [More]

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  • About
    • Play as 1 of 3 different sides: Heroes, Villains, Akatsuki. Only 1 side can emerge victorious!

      Fight as 1 of over 100 characters. Each with their own unique set of skills, stats, jutsu and unique traits.

      Unique styles of gameplay. Some of these include being able to run up walls. You can avoid defeat using substitution jutsu. Combine jutsu and attack or defend with teammates in order to create a strategical victory. So much variety and options!

      Watch out for treacherous side-effects! If you are poisoned, look for a medic on your team for a cure. If you are on fire, look for nearby water to put it out. Careful, some characters have devious abilities which can sabotage your abilities or bind you in your place. Stay on alert at all times. Test your skills as a true shinobi!


    1. Listen to, obey and respect moderators and admins at all times.

    2. Sometimes a character might be temporarily banned due to bugs or in need of nerf. Do not use those characters.

    3. We're usually lenient with chat spam and trolling. However, don't go overboard with it. Also, no inappropriate language such as racism, etc.

    4. Sometimes you might accidentally kill your own team. But do this on purpose and there will be consequences.

    5. No posting inappropriate links. Keep the chat clean.

    6. It's ok to mention you have your own game. However, when you continuously advertise it, other players get annoyed. It will be counted as spam and failure to listen to moderators will result in the matter being dealt with.

  • Not following these rules may resolve in being temporarily banned. Repetitive bans will increase in length/time.



Registe95: (8:27 pm)
Man real talk, not even gonna lie why was Rikudo Mode naruto nerfed so bad? I mean i wouldn't mind it, but his stats seemed to have lowered, skills removed or altered. And still Zerok hasn't added in new skills that have appeared in the manga. Truly he needs a buff, OH and with the KCM lock it seems useless to have it as a lock because you can't auto go into it, I mean 10 bucks kinda down the drain. Please at least +try to fix these issues I mean when KCM has the mode where naruto is riding the Kyuubi and Rikudo doesn't, and KCM outclasses Rikudo for most skills I mean it's a bit sad.
RedRamii: (Wednesday, 9:09 pm)
I've asked Zerok to give Rampant a nerf for ages. He claims its legit, with having 0 sec casting, retarded range. Same thing with having a bind thats unavoidable and lets him hit yu easily, and yu can't possibly sub.
Dimetri: (Wednesday, 9:49 am)
Hashirama needs that nerf stuff. Rampant with that huge ass range. Rashamon with its low delay and Dragon Bind taking 100% chakra and only taking away 50% chakra from the user.
Blaker111: (Tuesday, 9:22 am)
^ Hashirama needs that stuff^^^^