Lost Deities

by Blagh Nabbit
Lost Deities
A new Role Playing Game. No Ranking Benefits. 100% Original Code and Icons. [More]

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Version 1
Date added: Aug 30 2007
Last updated: Sep 1 2007
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Lost Deities

-Game Information-
This game is fairly different from the other Role Playing Games on Byond.
You start out as a spirit who was once vanquished in battle.
The gods who have been lost for many years have come back, and decided to give you a second chance at life.
So starting off you get to pick your race, and your class.
Then continue your life where you once left off, struggling to free the world of darkness.
Also, defending your race from the other races.

Current Staff:

Blagh_Nabbit: Main Coder/Mapper

Scizzees: Coding Help/Support

Taichou Ichigo: Graphics Artist

Completion will be listed as a percentage

Current Progress:
Login/Logout - 100%

Tutorial Area - 50%

Races - 35%

Classes - 5%

Skill System - 0%

Quest System - 2%

Map - 2%

Enemies/NPCs - 5%

Faction System 0%

Current Races:
Dark Elf

The game is being delayed for a short time. Certain things have happened that prevents me from putting 100% into the game. Though it is still being worked on. Currently looking for some Icon Artists. Contact me via MSN [email protected]

Please dont Rip
This game is 100% Original Coding and Icons.
It feels good... TO MAKE YOUR OWN GAME