Project Chimera

by Salurax
Project Chimera
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Date added: Sep 12 2007
Last updated: Aug 12 2008
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Waiting List

Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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Quick Announcement
I need coders/mappers/iconners. If you wish to join my staff team. Please add me on msn. [email protected] or add me on yahoo. [email protected] Thank you.

  • Owner - Salurax
  • Co-Owner - *Open*
  • Co-Owner - *Open*

Game Creators

  • Coder - Salurax, *Open*
  • Mapper - *Open*
  • Iconner - *Open*, *Open*
  • GFX Artist - Salurax

Player Rules

  1. No Flaming - Insulting or deriding other players.
  2. No Drama Stirring -Attempting to maliciously discredit or undermine other players.
  3. No Harassment - Stalking another player through whisper, OOC, Say, or on the boards.
  4. No Advertising - Posting links to hubs, or message boards. *Unless Necessary*
  5. No Public Complaints - Rather than privately contacting a member of staff, publically posting a complaint to on how the game is being runned.
  6. No Posting Links that lead to adult content.
  7. Do not abuse bugs that have not been looked over.

    Game Moderators Rules

    1. Do not disrespect other players and higher level GMs no matter how much they make you mad.
    2. Do not summon people to the GM house, even though the dummies are the same as every dummy on Earth/Arena there's a reason why its called GM house.
    3. Do not ban/boot/IPban/Mute someone without a good reason to why you did so, putting "SHUT UP!" in the reason window will get you in trouble.
    4. Do not abuse announce verb, only use it when its important. *I am taking this seriously now.*
    5. Do not mute the world and un-mute yourself, if they have to stay quiet so do you.
    6. Do not treat other players specially just because you know them in real life and your best buds, if caught you will be lectured. *Will not be tolerated at ALL. If caught your GM will be removed.*
    7. Respect other game moderators despite their GM level.
    8. Do not Teleport to another player and kill them.
    9. All Basic Player Rules apply to all levels of GMs.

    Forbidden Actions

    1. Disrespecting other players and higher level Game Moderators, This rule will get you punished if you are caught breaking this rule, this means insulting another Player, Game Moderator and especially the co-owners and owners, You will not be warned because this is your last warning, Respect each other.
    2. Spamming this rule can and will get you banned from the game, this includes spamming the OOC Channels and techniques, usually you will be warned but if you have attempted this act before you will be banned for twelve hours.

    Welcome to Project Chimera

    - Bleach: Dirge of Chaos

    - Bleach GuardianWithin

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