My Life as a Spy

by Skysaw
My Life as a Spy
Five teams of spies compete to secure documents, using nifty spy gadgets to foil their enemies. [More]

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Version Apollo 1.9
Date added: Jun 3 2001
Last updated: Jun 5
Last played: Aug 11
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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Welcome to My Life as a Spy, the FREE multi-player internet roleplaying/strategy game where you can play a secret agent out to foil enemy agents.

Work for one of five agencies, each with its own perks. Choose your focused abilities to shape your character. Be strong, be a great marksman, be a trap-setter, or hide in the shadows... it's your choice.

Hosting Schedule

The game will be hosted from Friday at around 7:00pm U.S. Eastern Time, until Monday at around 12:00am U.S. Eastern Time.

... unless circumstances prevent it.

MLAAS Gold Membership
My Life as a Spy is free to play for all. However, there are a few features that can only be activated by becoming a MLAAS Gold member. Gold members are allowed to do the following:

* Promote your characters to ranks 11-20.
* Join teams other than the initially available Black, Red and Green teams.
* Shared Locker for sharing items between your characters.
* Enjoy other future enhancements to the game, as they become available.

Your Gold membership entitles you to a full year of these benefits for every character you create with the subscribed key. After your year is up, you may continue to use attained higher ranks, and remain on a special team if you have joined one, but you will no longer be able to initiate these actions for new characters.

The price for MLAAS-Gold is $8.00 a full year, and $37 for five years.

BYOND Membership Perks
Gain access to shortcuts and helpful areas when you buy a BYOND Membership

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Nadrew: (Jul 31, 9:27 am)
Howdy, Stealth. Game's still running on Fridays if you wanna pop in :)
Stealth 2k: (Jul 31, 9:15 am)
Classic :)
Bayne: (Apr 25 2014, 3:25 pm)
Any chance that MLAAS is going up this week? Or is it on hiatus again? Found myself coming back to BYOND after a LONG break and saw MLAAS hosted this year so I figured I'd ask.
Nadrew: (Mar 2 2014, 10:35 am)
Had some technical difficulties this weekend, I'll go ahead and put it up for 48-hours right now.
Wadabut: (Mar 2 2014, 9:10 am)
What happened? I thought this was being hosted regularly again :(