by Thorg
The City of Metropolis is crawling with Zombies! Only 8 humans remain? will they survive? [More]

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Version 16
Date added: Jul 6 2003
Last updated: Jan 17 2004
Last played: Apr 22 2016
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Update Alert - Ver4 test release out.
ZOMBIES!, the turn based survival game based on the hit boardgame by Twighlight Creations pits 8 humans against an army of Undead, will you team up or go solo?, The Zombies are hungry and its People Season...
Currently in version 4 - Thief jack has kindly re-vamped a few of the game systems and made a load of new icons!
To learn more about Twilight Creations, namely the ZOMBIES! boardgame go to http://www.twilightcreationsinc.com/zombies/
This is a fan game, and so i'd like Fan input, i'm looking for fan produced icons or Hub pictures or anything else for that matter, e-mail them all to: [email protected]
I'm so proud, ZOMBIES! is an official BYOND.Fangame, i'd like to thank ALL the players and especially the hosts (Very much Ninja Brad) for your support and bug spotting, you are the real heroes, happy hunting!