Naruto: Reincarnation

by Tadahshi
Naruto: Reincarnation
A Naruto game with some fresh features, definitely worth checking out. Bleach is gay. Anime is meh. [More]

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Version 7.0a
Date added: Oct 16 2011
Last updated: May 24 2014
Last played: May 30 2014
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Welcome to an adventure!


Owner(s) - SkyAkuto and Tadahshi

We don't need much more staff because a game with 30 players max does not need 15 staff members to regulate the bug abusing, glitch finding and toxic players. We will accept a couple of moderators, however.


A load of features to keep you guys playing:

New techniques!

Hand drawn icons for said jutsu!

Frequent tourneys and different events with great rewards!

Organizations and villages to join, or rule!

Different demons to gain and master, granting great powers!

Eternal Mangekyo!

Many secrets to discover!

The Kage Summit!

Rank system! Become a Genin all the way to an ANBU without the help of a GM! All through questing and adventuring throughout the world!


Thanks for all the comments and feedback. We really appreciate it. Have fun, enjoy the game and feed our ever-growing community!

-Skyler and Jack


Blasterdark64: (May 27 2014, 5:41 am)
Is this rp or pvp
Tadahshi: (May 25 2014, 2:59 am)
Not going to lie, you're completely right. However, it has some new features that, in my eyes, makes it nice to play. The game is mostly aimed at the people who liked the older games because I know a few people that asked for this to be put back up.

Even though the log training is dull, the fighting is really good. But I bet you looked at the icons and left straight away, right? If you went into the game for about an hour you would find features such as a new genjutsu system, infusing elements into weapons and fighting demons in the open.

That's right - you don't just start with a demon. But, yes, I will agree completely this is a rip - but the ideas comes from us trying to put an original spin on the old styled Naruto games, which many published old style Naruto games have failed to do to date.

Mastergamerx: (May 24 2014, 9:40 pm)
its a shitty rip with crap icons skip it its cancer
CluelessGir: (Dec 4 2011, 6:49 am)
Is this a nng rip. :o
Kerry13: (Dec 2 2011, 5:21 pm)
When is this coming up you slut? :(