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Sep 15 2012, 8:14 am
Dark can I be A Mod i'd Prob be on most of the day So when a Gm/Mod is Needed i can assist them.(And Reminding About the Clan Ideas.)=)
Sep 13 2012, 11:42 pm
Dark,Can i be an enforcer in Naruto New Era? I can keep the game in order But its okay if your not hiring enforcers or something

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.Dark-Angel200.'s Favorite Games

by AZ0123 | Dec 9 2005
A Simple BYOND Savefile Editor
by SuperAntx | Dec 18 2009
Take part in an epic battle over a colored piece of cloth.
by Xander993 | May 16 2012
One of the best NNG rip, with unique stuff that you will never see in other game! The best friendly admins and updating ...