"The experience is rather negative for newer users, particularly if they are not recognized in the BYOND community. Also, if your key includes some kind of anime associated subject in it you will be looked down upon. Most of the time you would then be greeted with insults and could possibly be vote muted."

To be honest you get treated in Chatters like you would on the developer forums. You'll be greeted with hugs and kisses if you just come showing signs that you have half a brain.

"There are also some members of the community who use racism and stereotypes as a joke, but nothing will be done to them if the Operators are ?acquaintances? with them. So it would be best to ignore that user as if you try to argue with them you will get muted."

Never have, and probably never will mute anyone who uses any slurr or direct racism. You're not babies, you should know when you're offending someone, or using anything in excessive -- and you should know how to use the ignore command (yeah cliche, but it works really well when someone is saying something you don't want to hear)

"But do not get me wrong, even though if the community some times seems sour there are a few helpful users in there who will contribute their time into helping you with any troubles."

Hey, Chatters should get top points for this. They've provided live help for years. Be it code help, routing issues, how-do-i-make-a-hub, the members of Chatters have helped countless people.

"I would recommend the forums as you will most likely get no help on Chatters."

Depending on the day more people get helped in Chatters for code related problems than those that get solved in the Code Problems forums. I don't know why you really insist firstly, we're here to help, and secondly, that no one does. Chatters is no longer BYOND's chat. Maybe one day when we have an official BYOND channel running then there will be more order than in Maztekia, and perhaps the main goal can also be to solve people's problems! But it's not like that right now, Chatters is not here to serve each and every one of you, and especially not in a loose channel such as Maztekia.
uh, i'm usually not insulted when i log on even though i own an anime game o_o unless it's Nadrew <_<.
Oh you know I'm only kidding when I insult you, Rob -- if I really wanted to insult someone I'd do a much better job at it.
Nadrew wrote:
Oh you know I'm only kidding when I insult you, Rob -- if I really wanted to insult someone I'd do a much better job at it.

haha i know.

[01:16:57] Nohan: i a m t h e c h a m p i o n o f l i g h t k n o w n a s a e o n h a h a h a

No reason?
Wut teh fux manz
Everything should be 0 :|
I've been on Chatters a few times and I would have to agree with this. You don't get much respect unless you login here constantly. I have a life and don't have the time to constantly log on.
Chatters has some retarded mods and moderating systems.
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