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ACWraith's Favorite Games

Use a pick-ax and bombs to dig tunnels and build scaffolding to traverse the caves. Be careful, you'll never know what ...
by Flick | Aug 6 2004
Tags: casual
An online edition of the paper and pencil game I called, Boxes.
by Crispy | Oct 6 2003
Tags: board-game
The slimes are revolting! And they've got their own board game.
by Flick | Aug 11 2002
Play Chinese Checkers online!
by IainPeregrine | Sep 19 2010
A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch
by SuperAntx | Dec 19 2009
Take part in an epic battle over a colored piece of cloth.
by EGUY | Feb 18 2010
A tile-based board game of digitally divine proportions!
by Awakening | Jan 14 2002
Arrange your pieces to force your opponent(s) off the board!
by Efencea | Apr 19 2009
PvP tower defense RTS
by Acebloke | Oct 22 2004
Strategic Board game where sacrifice is key to winning
by ACWraith | May 22 2007
Create/control minions to destroy opposing daemons.
by ACWraith | Aug 21 2008
A subscription for rewards in multiple games.
by | May 13 2008
Action turn based strategy game.
by ACWraith | Dec 23 2008
Crash bots. Collect their gears.
by Flick | Jul 1 2007
A fun little board game.
by ACWraith | Apr 7 2010
Tags: cards, strategy
A card battle over mining rights.
by ACWraith | Jun 12 2008
Abstract, competative dungeon-crawling.
by Flick | Jun 25 2005
Knights, archers, and wizards in a free for all battle to the death.
by ACWraith | May 4 2011
Tags: action, contest, maze
Explore, combat and collect before time runs out.
by Silk Games | Apr 17 2009
A unique MORPG inspired by the gameplay of classic console RPGs
by ACWraith | Apr 9 2008
Claim land. Upgrade production. Simultaneous turns.
by ACWraith | Nov 5 2007
Card creatures monopolize land. Invade or pay the toll.
by Gazoot | Mar 5 2001
A colorful board game that requires some planning!
by Forum_account | Sep 14 2010
A mix of Minesweeper and an RPG
by Mechanos7 | Feb 20 2011
Tags: casual
The arcade game
by Foomer | Oct 25 2008
Tags: casual, puzzle
A desktop puzzle/adventure game where your goal is to make your way past various obstacles and find the golden treasure ...
by Unknown Person | Feb 11 2006
Tags: fantasy, strategy
A turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme.
Witches exist.
by ACWraith | Apr 19 2009
Tags: arcade, scifi
Frozen slave of guilt, gather your people in time to flee.

ACWraith's Favorite Resources

by ACWraith | Nov 26 2007
Tags: movement
Handle multi-tile objects of any shape without extra objects.
by ACWraith | Oct 20 2007
Tags: events
Automate actions with merged triggers and events.
by ACWraith | Nov 5 2006
Tags: events
A library for handling what happens and when. (Events and triggers.)
by ACWraith | Jul 9 2008
Tags: admin
A datum which displays and stores house rules.
by ACWraith | Feb 21 2010
Tags: players, sorting
Handle spectators, waiting lists, and players across a server.
by ACWraith | Jul 20 2008
Tags: players, sorting
A way to handle players, waiting lists, and spectators.
by ACWraith | Sep 23 2008
Tags: turns
Handle simultaneous turns or long turn pipes.
by ACWraith | Jul 9 2008
Reusable datum handling votes with ID restrictions.
by ACWraith | Jul 16 2008
Tags: admin
Filter chat and automate muting.
by ACWraith | Jul 8 2008
Tags: time
A reusable timer which relies on ticks and can be paused.
by ACWraith | Aug 19 2004
Tags: turns
Handle turns for any datum (whether it's a mob or not).
by Deadron | Mar 16 2003
Tags: files
Reads and writes XML files, letting you access the contents as an object tree.