I seemed to enjoy myself rather well spending time with family whom I have not seen since I was probably as old as these Naruto owners(For those who can't see the age joke, I was referring to young teenagers).

Spending time with my family seemed to be something I wouldn't be doing but I didn't see the impulse taking over.
Anyways besides that I have begun playing more Xbox 360 games but that is interfering with any productivity on Trinity Blood: Online.(Son Danny apparently needs more time on the mobs anyways, so all is well).

Thought the funniest thing about my family seeing me would be how different I look, but they wanted to get me something(Apparently regardless of me even showing up invited?). Since they didn't know my "style" they got me gift cards to places.

Anyways mostly this blog post is obviously life relating, but I do have an option related question.

What would you like in a storyline quest for a fangame?

Basically I had a few ideas about how I was going to do it, and I know this will probably be getting a few comments about fangames are crap to but that's predictable, and tolerable.
So this question is generally what kind of storyline quests would be good for a fangame. Such as revolving souly on the anime, something altered like future reference and same game basis, or otherwise.(If you've seen the show this will be a good help to give comments with an example to)

Also, just for the sake of being in a good mood. Here's a post New Years good cheer for you, odds are I won't be around to post it, or care to because of all the blog posts that will be made about it probably as well.