Ivorkill3er wrote:
how to host a session

anyone want to hook up and play castle with me friend me at brad8874
AS I said, catch me on the pager some time.
DeathbyKiss wrote:
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Try going to "Join Now" To see VIDEOS!

it wont let me join
67pokemon wrote:
Why does this keep happening, it says 5 Re-creates, DOES IT NOT?!?!? I Re-create 4 Times, and I CANT RECREATE MY FIFTH.... FIX IT PLEASE.

Erm, what.
LOL, sorry, wrong game.
#67 67pokemon

If that was your intention all along, 9/10 good sir.
so apparently the game is bugged. if you sell any unit with stars that would net you more gold then you can normally sell for (5 gold star archers, blow gunners etc..)the game detects it as a hack and restarts
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WHy i cant join to someone game, always connect is failed.

My name is Yazoo69...
GREAAAT game try to get a rela host that can host 24/7.

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i want to play this fucking amazing game!!!!!!
In response to Rono45 (#3)
please put up a server! this game is soooo fuckin sick and no one ever plays live!!!:/
y do i ceep geting ban from ever server when i log on i did nothing
im still alive
Been a while since I last played. Took me a little while to remember how to set up a game.
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