The title was just a headline, please read what I actually wrote huh?
Wow, I'd hate to see what a number of the commenters would have made of A Modest Proposal.
"So you know, in my neck of the woods, rarely do Muslims get targeted with hate from these instances, but people of the Middle East in general. I know a fair decent of Hindu and Middle Eastern Christians who get simply just as much blame for Osama bin Laden simply because of how they look, rather than their religion. As well, if a white male decided to claim the Islam religion, he tends to not hear much of the hate directly at him, just in the media."

Sure, being White means I'm not often a victim of random violence and name calling, but yes I've suffered abuse from people who do know my religion.

Also, the issue of anti-Muslim hate tends to hold racial tones, because its common (wrong) belief that race is a major factor in Islam. In the UK, Asians will get it the most, in the US, Arabs will get it the most, in South East Europe, Bosnians will get it the most. Most verbal abuse against Muslims will be a racial insult. For example I'm a 'White Paki'.
well, acebloke. i live in norway. i live as near as 20 miles from the happening. nothing is known to this guy "yet".

What i still dont get is how you think he did it as a religious cause. Killing hes own religion and people doesnt make any sence to my thoughts(why should he kill hes own, thinking he could stop muslims controling our politics :/ ). well, it is true that Immigrants in general gets a higher freedome in our country, basicly to make them feel welcome, so that could make people think thay would get into our politics. they are time after time trying to change our laws to theyr needs(facts). but Muslim/islam wasnt even related to these happenings. why mix up previous tragedies to "this"?
"well, acebloke. i live in norway. i live as near as 20 miles from the happening. nothing is known to this guy "yet"."

Are you being serious? We've had a name, what he wrote online, the Christian websites he visited before he committed these actions, what his friends thought of him and even the company he bought the fertiliser from.

Everything that has been reported in the media shows he did it in the name of religion, if the Norwegian media seriously haven't released information that your own police force has told the rest of the world media then there is a problem with Norwegian media.
"why mix up previous tragedies to "this"?"

Because whenever a Muslim does anything, it puts into question what any other Muslim around him was doing, this is all stated in the post, its still above if you want to read it, sigh.
Acebloke wrote:
... please read what I actually wrote huh?

Hm, I'd say the same to you. You responded defensively, when I didn't attack you, and you are automatically assuming I'm trying to fight you when I'm not. It's simply your writing style that makes it come across that way - however, what I wrote previously still stands. I've seen a bigger race issue than religious issue, and I'm from California, so perhaps that's the standard for discrimination here. Where you're from, perhaps you feel it differently.
links please?
thats just retarded. why should he kill norwegian people, then telling it was a religious act? there was only i minor number of people with a foreign origin there.

i dont think there was a media mistake, but an error from your look. maybe your perspective is different from what actually accures.
"Sorry Ace, but that's what it came off to me as well. I get where you're going, but you sound like you'd ban Christianity if given the opportunity."

Sorry but that sounded very much like an attack, as if you actually believed that.
"links please?
thats just retarded. why should he kill norwegian people, then telling it was a religious act? there was only i minor number of people with a foreign origin."

Its been on all the British and European media available in the UK, BBC, Sky News, Euronews, I've been watching it on tv mostly to be honest. They've all been highlighting his far-right links, his fundamental Christian beliefs and his anti-Muslim sentiment. There is a roundup here on the BBC website:

That's the thing with terrorism, they tend to hit the people you think isn't the smartest target, Al Qaeda have blown up far more Muslims in Muslim countries than they have in events like 9/11, 7/7, Madrid Bombings etc.
"suggest that he has some political traits directed toward the right(in a political perspective("RIGHT")), and anti-Muslim views".

"But whether that was a motivation for the actual act remains to be seen," he told Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

The Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang quoted a friend as saying that the suspect turned to right-wing extremism in his late 20s.

it only tells that he is a "non-muslim"guy, and that he had serious problems agains the right side of politics. nothing about him being a racist.
But lets not argue about ur beliefs.
instead feel sorrow for the 90+ people who has been found dead, and pray for the missing ones(which doesnt has a count yet)
Tafe, you're still missing the entire point of my post, as well as having the strange opinion that joining neo-nazi groups isn't somehow racist.

Being an ex-neo-nazi myself I can confirm that the ideology is racist :p

Still, going back to my original point of my post, its not about whether he hates Muslims or not, but that there is a significant difference when a Muslim commits a crime to when a Christian commits a crime.

I've listed several laws that have passed in Europe that are anti-Muslim based primarily on the belief that they continually break the law, either through terrorism or otherwise. Whenever a Christian who says "God made me do it" is convicted of paedophilia, murder, etc his religion is never questioned.

Try to get past the point of whether he hates Muslims/whether he is racist etc and try to put into comparison the way Muslims and Christians are treated in different ways.
why would the title bring out our major loss of kids and people, when the index doesnt give any related topics to it at all?(else then that he was a anti-muslim guy, and that random people claim he killed kids related to politics, because of hes religion)
is your profile pic supposed to look like trollface?
Sorry but that makes no sense at all to me. I only intended to highlight the way Muslims and Christians are treated differently when they committed a crime, and you've shown it beautifully.

You are confusing the issue with too many outside variables, the point is that European Mosques, European Muslims are monitored and discriminated against based on the actions of a few Muslims, but Christians don't suffer this issue despite the fact that Christians commit crimes in the name of their religion too.
"is your profile pic supposed to look like trollface?"

Not intentionally. :p
Acebloke wrote:
"is your profile pic supposed to look like trollface?"

Not intentionally. :p

You sir are talented.
My face has filled out since, blame my Wife for feeding me.
w/e... but bring the damn title out. makes me angry that you bring sutch a loss in a title that doesnt have any related index to it.
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