Ok I've updated with a potential bug fix. Because I'm not entirely sure what the bug is, its a stab in the dark. I'll be hosting sometime soon with debug on full to check for any possible errors, but I'd ask any other hosts to be wary that I have yet to confirm the bug is dealt with. Please look out for any possible causes.
Happy new year to everyone! Enjoy 2012 with slashed Wargames Subscription prices! View hub page or in-game for details.
Acebloke, tell me why the hell are 5 servers online but i cant connect to anyone of the 5 servers. It says connection failed. :l IT keeps saying that. damn... i want to play again :)
Acebloke wargames is great n' all i think u should host sever so people can play on it
What Minecraftdude said,Host a server so people can join with out the hassle of trying to figure out how to set up a proper server!
meh gots banned by a noob for outsmarting him... made him Rage-ban... im awesome
I was intending on hosting tonight anyway, but I'm not responsible for anyone else.

This machine has already logged in with a different key, please use that instead
Connection died.
That's because someone with your PC has already logged on and created a country. If you share your PC with other BYOND users, you'll have to come to some arrangement when playing Wargames.
I can't connect to the server
hey ive set up a server. any of you can join
ok ive set up the server again. lets hope it works
Hoping to get a new version out in the next 3 hours.

The main feature will be some reworking of the Space system.
I'll be hosting one of my usual '10 day' Games tonight with the latest version!
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