D&W 307 Updates:

-Added Ray Gun
-Added bullet/laser explosion
-Added new bg music
-Added new car music
Do you have a place to report bugs and suggestions? And, can you tolerate very blunt comments without getting defensive? <.<
For the past 3 years I've asked that players report their defects and suggestions on this discussion board or to my staff and I. I also give them my e-mail address and MSN messenger to contact me for any reason. Some players even have my phone number to call or text me about any severe defects reports. I can connect to my computer from anywhere using a wireless VPN client in the case that I need to fix something immediately.

I'm planning on getting a new unix shell server on an OC-12 line and hosting a BBS server and mySQL database on that to store data pushed from the game itself. This will allow me to communicate directly with the players from my cell phone and for other players to do the same. Hopefully this speeds up the time it takes to resolve defect reports.

I've been on BYOND since 2001. I've gotten nothing but blunt comments for the past 9 years, lol. I ask that people hide nothing from me so that I can resolve the problems that arise.

Transparency is the key to success in development and blunt comments are real comments that will only help the product grow.
Alrighty then.

1: The interface exists for a reason, use it.

2: Too many verbs. "Talk" shouldn't be available unless there is someone to talk to. I suggest the same for every verb like this.

3: I can ban/boot/other NPCs. This is shoddy design at it's worst. These should be limited to clients, not mobs.

2: Too many verbs. Over-complication is the death of potentially good games.

4: One NPC gave me a *grins evil* emote, that seemed weird. If you have the time, and have made an interface for the game, I suggest keeping all NPC communication in a separate window, with an avatar for the NPC. Facial expressions can then be made through the avatar. It adds interactivity to the game, which is always good. And currently very rarely done.
If anyone has any cool screenshots, send them to me at alexlima559@gmail.com and I'll put them on the hub!
Updated Skills/Spells - Skills/spells now grow with leveling. The longer you hold the charge, the more damage they deal.
Hey rekwan, my internet got shut oof and soon I will give you the new Icons I made. I won't get my internet back until I pay some $400.25...God,I hate that.

I'll be back on the first! don't replace me .-.''
Sayaotonashis wrote:
Hey rekwan, my internet got shut oof and soon I will give you the new Icons I made. I won't get my internet back until I pay some $400.25...God,I hate that.

I'll be back on the first! don't replace me .-.''

Ah, I'm sorry to hear that. Do you have an Iphone or a cell phone with Internet?
Yes I do.
Sayaotonashis wrote:
Yes I do.

Search and download an iphone app called "PdaNet". Read about it on google. I used it one night when my Comcast cable went out and I had to make updates to the game. Needles to say, I was able to update the game, play the game, and continue to work, despite my Comcast internet being out of service for a day.
I've begin writing the user's guide for Dead and Walking, please tell me what you guys think.

Added automated subscription.
I will still continue to be the Iconing graphic artist, but no admin verbs for a while..
Added: Cooking System
I will be returning on 03/24/2010. I'm sorry, I have been in the process of moving.

Something is wrong with Kina's server, we'll look into it as soon as Kina gets back.
Added Automated Event: Elixir War
just a matter of time till no mroe hosters :P and im teh last one... you normal host cant host fprever :P but my shell sever can! mwahahahah
ha told you keno! i am teh greatest host ever!!!! you cant beat me!!
Added elemental system
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