are you serious?
Could you maybe moderate the comment by Rod5 and leave your stance on the subject of this game being a modification of a previous one by Vertex, as claimed at
Thank you in advance.
i have no idea what he just said, but i erased it
So what's everyone's favorite thing about Dead and Walking? Let me know!
My favorite thing was the old map
Check out the D&W video in the media section!

my fav thing is all the cool weapons and shit, tell me when ya about to make new ones ok? :D
when is game server going to be on
We will let each and every one of you know once a more permanant server has been acquired.
I have created a new 24/7 server, hosted in my own home on a Linux CENTOS machine. This machine runs nothing but the game itself. Enjoy. =)

PORT: 5000

Even if the server doesn't show up on the Live list, it's still up, it just needs one player connected to broadcast. byond://
this game is good but the player base sucks.
One of the best games ever
"If you would like a GM position, the cost is $50 and you must be 16 or older."

You don't necessarily have to pay $50, it's more like a safety deposit if you're someone with no background history with the game and may potentially break stuff. We have plenty of GM's who didn't pay to get their GM status.
So you're saying there are other people who actually did pay for administrative commands?

This is depressing.
Yes, there are. I wish I had requested a deposit for a few previous GM's who abused their commands and nearly caused a full pwipe. With the deposit system, the GM is less likely to abuse, in fact, we have had 0% turnover with all GM's who have deposited.
What's depressing is the fact you're able to make that kind of cash because people want to play king of the castle. They're throwing cash at the game for reasons completely unrelated to the game itself.
Nobody has control over the intentions of anyone. If somebody wants to spend the time to work a part time job to earn some cash to spend on some game they enjoy online, that's fine with me. If that game happens to be this one, then there are conditions that must be met and requirements that must be kept. In other words, as long as they do the job of GM well, I have no problem, but as soon as one of them abuses or causes in-game imbalances, I will as I have done in the past remove them from the game. I have made this clear to all players.

Of course, if they're a long standing player who obtains 1 Admin referral or 2 GM referrals plus an unanimous agreement from all players and admins currently logged into the game, then we have no problem waiving the $50 deposit. It's really a matter of trust and I think the $50 deposit not only bestows a bit of that trust but also shows the players that this person is willing to put down $50 cash on top of his/her word that he will not abuse his/her powers.
So when you say deposit, does that mean you give back the money when they're done being a gm or have earned your trust?
No, I usually go spend it on KFC. Mmm hot wings!
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