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Each OS has it's advantages and disadvantages - no one product is clearly superior than the others (except in market value and advertising).

At home my Linux box can also run Win98, MacOS 7.6, MacOS 8, PlayStation, N64, and Commodore64 (still a few classic games I like). They *all* co-habitate nicely as long as there is plenty of RAM available... the only reason I do not develop on my old Mac SE/30 is because the keyboard is broken, and I need more RAM...

"Can't we all just get along?" (Jim Carrey?)

Deadron wrote:
The GUI is not open-source, but then neither is Linux's, because Linux doesn't have one.

Umm - correction - there are over a dozen GUIs or graphical shells available for Linux platforms, many of them open source...

English wrote:
When are they going to join the 21st century and add multi->tasking to that thing?

I'm glad you agree :) The G4's have a tendency to crash when I usr Maple, Word, and IE. I can easily have 3-4 programs, and 10-15 different windows on my 350 MGHz old crappy computer with Windows.

Umm...he was being sarcastic English - since MacOS X now runs under a Linux-based kernal, multi-tasking is better implemeted than Windoze - if you call what Windows does as multitasking... task-switching more likely...

Jmurph wrote:
Win 98 was a horrible abomination cursed with clinical instability.

Oh, I don't know - I use Win98se occasionally, and I can run for three days straight before it eats up all of memory... :)

In response to Air Mapster (#15)
You can use your mac, but i love windows XP, but i hate that a FEW of my games wont work with it, but mac will not work with much at all(unless specialy made for macs) I have a fast muchine so i have no problems with things like crashing unless its a program error not a lack of memory error. Most games can be patched to play with XP. And i am one of thoughs that uses both mac and windows a lot. Although i would take good old win 98 over everything i have seen to date. But mac has a few good thinks but most to me are only things having to do with it being a simpler program so it takes less RAM or proccesor speed. Although unix combatiblty would be good. I have all the stuff i need to mix and make my music and videos that i make from time to time. Keep the mac if you want but windows has proven to be better to me, thats just my opinition
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