1 week later...
The Naginata is a long staff with a blade at the end. Due to its massive height, the Naginata was the weapon of choice for battle against horsemen and swords. Stretching over 5 feet tall with a 20" carbon steel blade with intense blood grooves. <------Recommending this Weapon to be added to Ikou Era...Of course you would need to be Good at Woodcutting and A blacksmith....(Tay :D) Anyways, l Just a random idea that popped into my head after playing Dynasty Warriors. Gan Ning, baby! XP Erm...DERP!
I loved this game..
Please bring it back! *_*
Is this game ever coming back? Its been 2 months now :(
It was hosted today for a few minutes. That really got my hopes up...
We've waited three months for this to be hosted and we still don't understand the problem. Why won't it be hosted? Could you atleast tell us what the problem is? If there's a problem with hosters i could host 24/7 if you liked. (this game is really the only reason why i still have byond)
if this game is not gonna be hosted anymore can you please put up the host files, so people can at least keep playing the game. I really like this game and ive wanted to play it ever since it went down. So please either host it again and if you dont want to or cant then put up the host files for others at least, Please.
Ikou Era~
First your up then your down.
When your gone I always frown.
Dont leave me hanging cause i will hit the ground.
Your the game that makes my world round.
Dont fall into silence please make a sound.
Your the best game that I have ever found.
Aye, Its me kunsumi and I got banned yesterday and I know this is not the best place for a ban appeal type of thing but I've tried contacting multiple people on the game but they just I guess ignored me. So yesterday 2 things happen. The first after the reboot I was by the blacksmith shop and as I was walking to go get some ores , I ran into someone punching and I got punched. So I said something like you punched me and then she was like you ran into it or whatever. Where I come from we make jokes about what I said to her next. Which was I Should shoot you in the head with an arrow. Later on she said that it I "Threatend her". And I ever said on the game that it was a joke then after that she was like is that so...And I made an RP that said."Walks away all cool like". Then she start coming closer to me at first I was just walking randomly then she was like you cant nonrp run or whatever and im like what are you talking about your the one chasing me. Me obviously not knowing the situation I went to get my ores and then I got banned for NonRp Running I think it was and im like wtf I made an rp that said I was walking away so wtf are they talking about. 2ND: I log on and some people say there he is I walk away at first because im more sure if they talking about me. Then I go back and say Yes?,The guy says to me Hey blacksmith,hand over your hammer. Now me knowing that robbing is possible I just said eh and ran to get some ores so I could make him a hammer. Then I think to myself when I run into a tree I dont want this to happen all over again so I start to run back to him..3 Feet later..Banned..NonRp Running or w.e it was..

This is the Story Please Read and Please Unban me
Question whats up with all the Shutting Down and Re putting up the game
and also the server needs a reboot its glitched
i tryed meditate but my stamina wont go up or my hunger please help
Soo, who is hosting this..since Allsmile has nothing to do with the server that's up right now. Host/admins yall need to be more active..the server is failing because players don't have someone to help fix problems and what not. It would make sense to not even host the game if this is how its going to be maintained. J.s.
Looks like it needs someone else to take over, considering Martienader is always on Naruto RPs and the other HA's havn't been active in months..
Out of all the roleplaying games I've ever played, Ikou Era is certainly my favourite. I was pretty happy when I logged into my account and noticed that Ikou Era was up, only to realize the servers were chaos. Things are not respawning either... It certainly wasn't like this the last time(a few months ago) I played it. Just as stated above/under(deppending on wether you're in view all or not), the game's host/administrators need to be more active and manage the server, or playing will be impossible. It came back from it's grave, now let's just hope it's not a zombie.
I really did enjoy this game the most out of all the roleplay games that I've played. Its not your typical Naruto or DBZ rpg, but something fresh,creative and original. Sad to say its host hasn't been active when the server was last up. There are lot of bugs that need fixing along with updates(since its still new and everything)A lot of effort went into making this game, but I guess no one really cares if it all goes to waste.
No really...who is hosting this?? There like..no admins on ever...I have a bug problem and cant even enjoy the game. Srsly...just take the game down or get some active admins plz.
This game is currently inactive but AMAZING..FOR ALL THOSE THAT COME ON THIS PAGE AND READ THIS COMMENT, This game NEEDS to come back up. It was an amazing RPG game that also added in your own stats allocation system. If you need admins I guarantee there are many people that wouldn't mind the job.
I agree, this game should be released once again and worked on with a another admin team or atleast make it updated more. I'm not disrespecting any of those who worked on the game because there was a fine job, just keeping it going was the issue. With the right advertisement and even donations this game can come up again. This is the only game where you had to RP and actually do things, like craft a hammer, craft bokken, bows, arrows, arrowheads. The game's mechanics were amazing and should not be forgotten...
Bring this amazing game back!!
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