Where's da server?
Strange I can't connect... I got disconnected and know can't connect again
The test/demo game was fun! can't wait till they .Anyone agree this games gonna be epic?
This game is surprisingly enjoyable. :D
wtf why am i banned??
AllSmiles why u banned me?
Oh I'm going to enjoy hearing you explain that bullshit there, you mind telling me why Lloyd was able to be a dick but I can't?
what r u talking about lol
AllSmiles wrote:
what r u talking about lol
Don't remember the name, but I got into an argument with someone and one of your mods decided to just flat out ban me because I was "rude to everyone in OOC", which is a flat out lie. I've helped more people and have had casual convorsations more than I've picked/been dragged into fights.
Arguing with people over world chat is generally not a good idea in the first place.
i cant get in the server and it says ''banned by host''
Screenshots are old, but show the artwork in the game. Mods are rarely online though, and trolls appear frequently. Death system leaves you on the ground waiting for a Mod or Admin to revive you if said trolls kill you. Admins and Mods act on a 'who says what first' basis, and ban without a defense of any sort (like accidentally killing a few people while trying to kill said troll and then getting accused of spam killing a player base). Graphic get a 9/10, but moderation leaves some to be desired at 1/10. Admin has some ways to go before he learns the ropes completely. Bans for impossibly stupid reasons such as 'AFK training on a unmapped area' Translation - If he summons you onto a unmapped area you couldn't get to if you wanted and you're training before he does, you're banned. Bans for spam killing of trolls, for personal dislike, or any reason he can find. Game by itself though is outstanding for the may flaws it currently has.
Wow wtf i was banned for nothing not cool all i did was stand there watching and learning how to rp on games >.>
Alexandrejudo wrote:
i cant get in the server and it says ''banned by host''

I can help you whit that.

IT means the host banned you.

No need to thanks.

Just waitin for the game to come back...-whistles-....<.< >.> When it does come back I want my damn containers so I can hold my shiznick <.<
I was banned because i logged on to geust and they said i was avoiding ban O.O
i'll be a adin in this game if your looking n.n i dont know were to apply so yea...
No longer Samurai Champloo?
yeah the rp killed this game for me im going to submit this game to the rp grave yard list
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