Joined: Jan 19 2009


Sep 5 2013, 10:02 am
I can provide a server for free. Contact me at [email protected]
Corax Software
Mar 23 2012, 12:54 am
Hey, this is Zecronious as Corax Software. I'll be using the CS account from now on with the regards to the pager. I'm keen to get your thoughts on a game we could do, I'm also continuing a shooter engine build at the moment that could turn into a game with the help of an artist.
Aeolus The Silent
Mar 10 2012, 5:09 am
Hey, I see you are working on that new NNG game. You may remember me or not but I played NNF and basically every NNG game/rip. My in game name was Aeolus. If you want I can give you all new login screens for the NNG game you are working on. I can possible even animate the text or something, send me an email at [email protected]

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Bleach: World-Wide Adventures

Highway to Heaven

You have reached level 500

Earned on Aug 16 2013, 12:08 am


Reach 100 wounds directly when being hit

Earned on Aug 17 2013, 12:12 am

There can only be one!

Kill 50 npcs of each race and 10 players while in rage

Earned on Aug 17 2013, 12:39 am

Espada Killer

You have killed all the espadas

Earned on Aug 18 2013, 1:14 am

Little Rebellion

You have killed a GM

Earned on Aug 18 2013, 6:31 am


Naruto New Generation

Village Leader

Become the leader of a village

Earned on Dec 30 2011, 5:19 am


Become a Missing-Nin

Earned on Dec 30 2011, 5:19 am

The Elite

Learn all of your clan jutsu

Earned on Dec 31 2011, 2:23 am

Cursed Seal

Master Cursed Seal

Earned on Feb 12 2012, 4:10 am

Professional Killer

Get 100 kills

Earned on Mar 24 2012, 12:09 am


Become a Jounin

Earned on Jun 2 2012, 3:04 am