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Hello, ColorfyX_Pink here. There are several people interested in playing a Soul Eater game and luckily, the source is in good hands. I've been having a miniscule amount of luck in the department of fine-tuning this source, so I'm calling out to you to see if you could lend a hand. Now the game has the basic coding for the game. Unfortunately Im not capable of embedding my own ideas in the coding. If you are interested in helping me develop this game please contact me on my pager or site.

Contact me on, 'ColorfyX_Pink'

Contact my partner as well. He is under the alias, 'XxForgottenLegendxX'.

Thanks for your time.
-->(4:28 pm) AnthonyHawkina: I was wondering if you could help me code the game, and teach em a few things about coding along the way. Only if your interested though...Jesus kinda nervous xD
If my reply did not go through.
Hello AnthonyHawkina, I was told to contact you if a fellow roleplayer steals your rp. LilJeff stole my information for his Yu-Gi-Oh! Central Duel Academy rp as well as the name and everything else, I have the host files and I can give you over 20 names of people that can verify that the rp is originally mine and created by me. Please contact me at
Anthony i need to speak too you about something a little annoying about another player on RPU,
Id like to keep it a bit private though so do you mind using your skype for once? i do so believe i have you added but if not add Houka-Kyouryuu or add my account on your pager and i can message you
Thank you
Dude add me to your rp, sounds fun...
i don't know if you'll respond to this but, is there any way to report other players?
Heya Anthony, just wondering how i go about donating?
My Paypal is . It is how we are accepting donations right now for all projects headed by me.
I know you are a busy individual, but I would like to suggest or recommend something. I'm not entirely sure if this is the place to suggest, but here goes nothing. Your RPU is absolutely flawless, though with your upcoming updates, if you wouldn't mind adding a few more systems to it, to make certain RP's epic. <----- That link has an epic game, and many feats. But if you could 'code' a little of whats in it, into your RPU, such as battling system and such. Again, it all depends on the RP, you could always enhance this into something custom. I know you can, you have already added so much, and the lot of us, enjoy and love it. All i'm suggesting is, adding similar feats.
I need to talk to you about the policy. Will there be anything to do with advertising your server on other servers without permission.
You got one last chance to end it peacefull where everybody wins and nobody gets hurt.