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Well looking it over I am in support for the new Forum based system. This leading to less of a need to flood the comment board I am hoping with useless BS. Otherwise I will expect this to be moved to useless BS posts.

Otherwise, hope everyone is doing well and I am working on other projects right now besides finishing up with RPU 1.4

I thank you for all the support and more so, I want to look forward to a newer byond and better future.

(That is until they kill the freedom of the net.)
It is worth noting, BYOND's central moderation team do not moderate individual hub entry forums like this one.
Did they do the thing where you're not able to post the update or any hubs if you dont have membership? Im forgetful.
That's correct, although my understanding is there is there may be a bug at the moment which allows this.

The intention is very much that you will need a membership to create and update hub entries themselves though, yes.
Will have to look into renewing my membership then. Thanks for stopping by.
I like the new Byond, honestly. It's spiffy. I hate that you have to have Byond member to make/edit hub entries ... it's annoying, but I can understand. Money's the name of the game, these days.
Well BYOND is a funny one, in that regard. It's ongoing costs simply aren't being met by the old cost of memberships, and the amount of memberships being bought. So basically you have Tom cutting back on his own (already quite slim) lifestyle in order to make sure BYOND can pay for the hub and the website to run, to pay for Lummox to develop and add new features to the engine etc.

So while you are right, the name of the game is money, Tom isn't the kind of guy that is interested in making millions off BYOND, just a nice amount that helps BYOND grow and lets him live comfortably. So that's very much the intended aim with the changes to price and what you get for your money.
Well, Stephen, it wasn't an insult. I'm actually pretty astounded at what Tom has done so far, and pretty proud that he's managed to keep hub entries free for this long. I hate that it has to come down to running the site or making hubs member only, but in these days and times, if you don't have money, you're nothing.

If I had some extra cash lieing around (AKA actually had a job ATM), I'd gladly buy a membership for myself and some friends, and donate what I could to the Byond site in general. But then, I would do alot of stuff if I had money to spend.
Honestly, I don't mind the update it is a greater asset to me personally making Byond seem more and more professional. I know a lot of people like to complain about Byond not being cut out for more then 'Byond games' but really in the last few years I been greatly impressed by the improvements to the site.

Though cold to think of, it might help keep designers to support Byond with offers beyond that of just developers. Being I know a number of developers that ignore the memberships before now because they saw it as pointless. Personally I have some member content to RP Unlimited. But the number of non-member players complained about load times. Being the little screen that comes up saying 'Become a Byond Member.'

Looking at it, I wondered about some things like the Pager being more useful. This being in looks of going beyond he messenger system. (Which I noticed was updated.)

Thinking, Besides offering website space and storage. Maybe offering more player level perks could help to get more of the common player to desire membership. This maybe being like friend connections (Like Private messenger set up, file transfer though pager (This to get projects to parts of your development team.), and otherwise functions that could be used on the player level.

Just some ideas being my most though of thing on the marketing end is that Developers have a great need for membership to present there games.

But the player level, there is not enough optional features that would make someone not looking to developer to want to upgrade to a Byond membership unless the game they play offers a range of better features to the member.
The ability to backup your character files between accounts.