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Hey everyone,

Hoping to get the whole, I got this great Idea but because of my router/ISP/whatever... I can't. Being RP Unlimited is open for the host to just assign head admin and then leave it run.

Not all hosts need to be active on the server to host it. But it helps if you would like to join the server being it leaves a link of interests shared.

(On a side note, I am able to host but have limited ports right now. If I see something that interests me I might offer but this is rare.)
Im looking for a host for a naruto or pokemon roleplay server. I have everything needed for either roleplay to be up and running. Feel free at message me on the hub or at I thank you in advance for reading my comment and request in advance
me too i'm bugged with my host/isp/whatever... :/ can't get to host a damn server... :/
I can host up to 5 servers at a time, so if anyone got any good ideas for a game, I will be able to host them, add me on Byond and ask, I'm also usually on MstrKids RP, Kingdom Hearts, do ask if you need a host and present your idea, if I like it, I'll will host it, I won't neccesarily play on it, but I can host it.
Don't think anyone actually posts here, but I am looking for an RP set in a sci-fi fantasy involving dragons and the like. If anyone is interested page me and I will send details.
I'm looking for an Inazuma Eleven RP. I really like the series. Dunno how it'll work out in this though.
Hey a friend of mine is looking for a host for RPU. He wants to create a Neo-Gotham/DC Rp.
I'm looking for a host so I may finally do a roleplay that I've been working on and have the pleasure to experience in the past.

It is called Time Bloopers, about a group of people who travel through time, space and dimensions in order to stop a criminal who has stolen an experimental device known as a Time Gun. The travelers also have one of these guns and use it to purse the criminal.

In general, the roleplay will be GM'd by me. When I'm not on, I'll have the roleplay set for a sort of open roleplay via the characters still in the roleplay, if they wish to roleplay. But in certain environments that they are currently at within the roleplay.

So basically, it will be based on story arcs and the like. These allows for greater interaction between players and something they can actually deal with, instead of each other.

As for how the roleplaying will be handled, it will be sort of a fast paced action and response type of thing. I'd also like to include several puzzles, to challenge the player base to think outside of the box in order to solve problems. So it will not be just a straight line with obvious answers and little thought behind them. There will be some devious trickery going on and I hope that will provide people with a sense of fun.

Anyways, once again, I was just looking for a person that is able to host this for me. Thank you.
Hello there. My name is Megatron22 and i am currently looking for someone to host a Yu-Gi-oh ZeXal RP. I have it all done and just need someone with a working Router to host. If you could send an email to or message to me on Byond Pager and i will send you what i have. Thank you taking time out of your busy life to hear my plight.
I'm looking for a host for my roleplay, called Sky's Demise: Dragon Seekers. It takes place in a fantasy world where the boundaries of the realm of living and the realm of the dead have been broken, and so the peoples' thoughts craft the creatures that roam through the world. But evil lingers, and gathers its forces, while the established nations of the world still bicker with one another, with tensions heavy, some nations already at war or on the verge of it. The players take role of the Heartfelt, or something else if they prefer, but the Heartfelt are powerfully spirited people gifted with exceptional magic use.

Anyways, I've got a whole document on it. It's enough to establish a server, and I just have to work on some locations and some history. please page me or contact my email,
Looking for a host for new unique roleplay named: Tres Fata. Game world itself is divided into 4 continentals, where 1 has been totally destroyed due to war of other nations. That nation was located between all of other 3. Now when that nation is no more, 3 others are trying to claim its territory. But it's not that easy... Game itself has politics included. All 3 nations are totally different. Also im looking for any ideas to improve that game. My email is
no mass effect let's plays? step up people!
I need a server for either a Xiolin showdown rp or Avater last airbender/korra rp
Chnaged my mind, a better one would be based off the gone novels.
Hello! I am capable of hosting up to 6 servers at once. If anyone ever needs a host for a server, ask (I won't host though if it involves Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon, or anything involving Academies and so on) and i'll host for you. I'm near capable of 24/7 hosting!
I'm in the market for a host. Post-apocalyptic role-play. Focus on realism.