I can see that your intentions are not to alienate your player base, I am simply suggesting that this act WOULD alienate them regardless.

For the code banned people - are any of them hosts? Are any of the servers code banned people host popular? I don't know the history so I don't know who is and isn't code banned, but wouldn't it be counter productive to remove the most popular servers from the hub just because of some players in them?

Alternatively, keeping all those popular places from drawing new blood just because of some jerks in a barely populated server isn't exactly great justification.

As for 2.0 being better, that is well and fine, but as for me and the majority of your populations it seems the tools for RPing are all there. I think for a game based on creative writing, the features are nice but not necessary and to rip the heart of your game out (the players and servers) of the hub for those updates is kind of backwards.

We do appreciate your work, and that the game isn't abandoned by the owner is a great boon, I just think that even if you do not want to alienate your player base that this action *will* do that, regardless of the intentions.

Thanks for replying.

I can see the point. At this point it is looking unavoidable. Though why we are telling people this early isn't because we plan to do it tomorrow. It is being the average server life is a month to three months, being this was up in February and planned for June right now. It should be able to let people starting new server at that time have a fresh slate.

This being a number of hosts that approached me on this have stated they will be transferring after there current servers wipe. Being most will be launching a clean version for people to download and use as well.

As for features, I understanding having all the tools there already mostly this update put in a lot of stuff that was long requested.

First 2.0 has a working internal log, visible to all players. This goes month and day allowing people to have record of what has been going on without asking people what I miss?

Second, The room system is finally in after being requested since the creation of RPU. This allowing players to take things to a private setting. Allowing these rooms to be pass-worded and closed off from logs. This allowing people to plan and do stuff in privacy.

Third, the whisper system now works more like a chat engine allowing you to be able to hold a conversation without having to click whisper every time you want to post. This allowing people to keep more between each other.

Both features used to not only cut down on meta-gaming, but also have controlled events for people located in a set areas.

This also putting in more admin controls allowing people to do more with the server then just use the forum and so on. Player files are attached to the Characters. Also using a more HTML format for designing and saving the data when developing the character. this also making it so the character needs approval before play.

Finally also adding features to allow you to save your backup data to your computer and load it. This allowing the player to have there data not only in server crashes but allowing transferring to new hosts. This all around fixing a major problem on the older versions.

Hopefully this problem will be avoided when it does come time. This being we have asked people to update for a while and yet no one gets back to us more why they don't switch over for more then. They will do it next server.

If anything this was suppose to happen last year, and more just reminding people the day is coming up in the next few months. If anything in logical guess, most servers would not be down for more then a couple hours.

While I know this will be troublesome, I have looked into other outlets and fixes. If one comes we will use it. Otherwise, hopefully this will not alienate the players as thought.

Thank you for your time,
Anthony Hawkina
RP Unlimited v2.0.9b
* Fixed NPCs for users commands. Use Server Controls > switch npc Mod setting. To get NPCs back to 1.5.4 format

* Forum updated, Fixed the old 1.5.4 bug of not being able to edit replies on other peoples threads. In this we also fixed it so anyone can edit there posts but only Forum Owners can delete posts now. Sorry if this is an inconvenience.

Here ya go, 2.0.9B fresh off the compiler. This returns the post to let normal players make NPCs. Thus having it work like the NPC system in 1.4.5.

Second we have the forum working to how it should again. Possible having a new level of forum administration next version allowing Forum moderators the power to edit all posts and able to give Forum Administration and Moderation to any member on the team. This will be in a latter update if implemented.

In the next update I will be working with the skin a bit. This will hopefully get rid of a lot of the buttons making the clutter. Such as moving the window placement around, the save buttons might be moved, and so on. Also looking to add buttons for the music player as I would like to revamp it for people to actually use it for Role-playing. This would use the music tan frame work allowing for sectioned off groups then being forced to play to world working like the room system. Although this will allow players as well to mute to world and otherwise control the settings a bit more.

As for future updates, I will be looking into doing some other things. Lloyd is trying to set up so people can color character names in 2.0. Because of abuse in the code, we had to disable to open HTML we had before. This means we will have to code everything directly thus what is taking so long.

If you have any suggestions being as of 2.0 we are getting a lot of the long requests in like a book system for more complex settings, past the world info. Forum improvements, Map system which is taking forever until I can get help it might not evolve much more. Otherwise farthest plans is a battle system with controls or something of the like. Thought this might be a distant pipe dream.

We thank everyone that uses RP Unlimited, and hopefully this update will make using the system easier and more fulfilling. (Or at least fix all the 1.5.4 errors finally.)

Anthony Hawkina
Removing open HTML in characters names is still the worst thing. Adding in the ability to color them again isn't really the solution, since most people liked to use it for custom font faces and such for their posts.

I'm not even sure what you mean by 'abuse in the code', since anyone who decides to be an asshole about their HTML would likely get banned from the server. Not that I've -seen- anyone actually abuse it in my several years of RPU.

tl;dr it wasn't a smart idea to bother changing that in the first place and spending all the time you're spending on a patchwork solution is not the answer either (muh status quo)
Noted, Actually the point of the removal was a crash error. being I will not repeat it for people still using 1.5.4 we found in testing. If anyone used this code on like an NPC or that. It would wipe out the server or make a memory leak.

As for custom text and that, we are looking into allowing it with the code. More breaking it down for customization so you don't get the normal trolls with hard to read fonts, text sizes over 9000, or the common log errors.

While it appeared to do nothing on server, back end we found a lot of problems with it as well. So it is trying to make the system more secure. Being this is the number one complaint about 2.0 we are trying to fix it to work like the player wants. Not just put a band-aid on it and tell people to deal with it.

Being the open HTML was a glitch we never fixed in the first place. We are trying to make it so it works like it use too. Sorry it has been a strain on a lot of players and your not the first to post a complaint.
If you're planning on removing all the pre-2.0 servers, then you should also be planning on either a. providing an alternate hub for them, or b. add an ability to convert pre-2.0 servers to 2.0 including rewriting anything that's incompatible with the new versions ( read: HTML in names or incompatible HTML in general ) and probably include some way to turn NPCs into derivatives.

You will be alienating a lot of the player base this way, but without doing either of those, you'll increase the chunk lost by a huge factor. Nobody wants to remake a long-running rp just because you guys decided that the version it was on is going to be hidden away. If you guys decided it's worth killing all the long-runners ran by people who don't care for the new version, well then I have to say I don't really care to respect you.

Also if you haven't re-added the ctrl+F shortcut for the forums you are literally worse than the offspring seven Hitlers and two Satans. I DECLARE THIS AS SUCH.
First it is not removing, it is that the pre-2.0 versions will not show. They will still operate just not be visible on the hub. This being when the password changes it will alter the way the hub works. Like I said earlier, this is because of damage and loss to the older version.

A lot of the incompatibility of RP Unlimited 2.0 is because of this. We fixed a lot of the errors and otherwise finally revised the system to run properly getting rid of a lot of my old garbage code. The reason a lot of the things don't work like they use too, is because like the HTML in names. It was broken code we never fixed because people liked it.

Being a LOT of this was because my inexperience as a coder when I first started. While a one click fix would be nice for the update it might be more possible just to make a hub for old version. So thanks for suggesting it. Honestly never crossed my mind.

I personally understand the long running server problem, and it has been on my mind. First of all, I am posting this early so people can make a plan for using 2.0 for the time. Being this game is still technically a beta, I am glad to know there has only been two wipe levels though the code. First was back in 1.3 and I remember how bad that was.

Otherwise, on terms of NPCs. Now fixed in 2.0.9 you can have one of the head admins set it so all players can use NPCs like on 1.5.4. While a direct transfer is impossible being the updates to the variables and targeting. It does make the feel about the same. Hopefully making transitions easier.

Otherwise, being it is not fully my choice to do this. Being my hand is being forced on this as well. I am working to make transition and such easier. I know it took me about a week to transfer a 4 year running server and I know it can be a pain for those I am asking to do this. While I am looking for my 1.6 version even for a band-aid so people can do a direct transfer.

Otherwise, as for the Ctrl+F shortcut... Well that was another jolly little error I had reported in older versions. Not sure where it even came from, I never put it in the code in the first place. Though, I just tried it on 2.0.9 and it worked. So let's hope it stays... otherwise I will be the offspring of seven Hitlers and two Satans... Again.

Otherwise, I hope I can make this work. Being I can figure how many people are putting there foot down and saying there not changing. I have put this off a year because of difficulties with the code. So I know another few months won't kill me. I am thinking of all the servers in this, and trying to do as many things as I can to get the transfers to work.

Thanks for your time.
I think the separate HUB is probably the best idea to come out of this discussion so far.

You say your hand is forced in this matter - how so? Is there something besides wanting to punish the code banned people/HUBs without permission?
Yeah, I will look if I can change the hub without having the change to code to the game. Mostly for an older version. I mean I don't have the installer or that but it would let people finish off there RP or have a place to RP until they die out. Also like it being it would let me do the transfer sooner.

As for other reasons, it is honestly a time limit I have to do this. Well without everyone losing everything. That is all I will say outside the official statement. So officially, it is for the reasons I stated. On the more personal level I care not to talk about, there is more behind this.
O.k. update about making the hub. While it is the best idea, Byond won't let me change the hub name anymore. So I will go back to looking for 1.6 and try to make the change there... or at least build a band-aid version for 1.5.4 users.

I am trying to get in contact with some old coders that helped me with some of the sub-systems seeing if they have a copy. I will try and keep people up to date on this.

Okay, that sounds like a good first step.

That's incredibly vague. You don't have to answer this obviously, but what could possibly force your hand to update? What could possibly make "everyone lose everything"? It seems to me like if you did nothing business would continue as usual on RPU.
Normally it results that could make me lose the hub. It is a normal worry for me. Which either means well, right now. A: Change the password and get the security reinforced. B: Lose the hub, recode the version I have and start over. Meaning everyone is forced to 2.0 versions anyways. or c: I get this band-aid fix and keeping going like I am.

It is nothing more on the matter then I am working to fix the problem without making too much of a wave. Just a stupid first game mistake it seems and someone broke it. Bah, Don't worry too much, this will be fixed I hope before the time limit is up.
So just to simplify it for everyone else reading this, and myself - If every using 1.5.4 now switches to 1.5.5 the security issue won't be a problem and we can all enjoy shared hub space?
So after speaking to Anthony directly I'd like to clarify some things for anyone reading this.

1.5.4 will be able to easily transfer forums/characters and such to 1.5.5, which is more secure and will help prevent data leaks. When the hub is wiped clean, he says 1.5.5 will have its own separate hub, so they could still get new players.

1.5.4 and 1.5.5 are from a different build than 2.0+, so unfortunately all transfers to that will have to be by hand. That way this clears up my earlier question - you can not go from 1.5.4>1.5.5>2.0, at least not easily. 1.5.4>1.5.5 is quick, though, and will have its own hub.
One thing I wanted to bring up was admins being able to view other people's whispers. I know it's a security measure to make sure no one is being spam whispered or harassed, but if there was any possibly way for this to be changed, it would be amazing. I personally can't think of a solution for it myself, so I wouldn't be upset if it's not changed.

I just think being able to view people's whispers is a big invasion of privacy; some people use it because they don't want business on OOC or they don't want to offend a certain person.
I'll see what I can do about the whisper abuse. Otherwise people please stop using this for discussion. Make another forum to discuss or please message me directly. We are doing the fixes. Please keep business to these terms.

Those breaking this point, will be banned from posting on these forums.
Oh, sorry about that! Anyways, here's a review for RP Unlimited.

I've been around since the beginning of it and I can tell you it's about the only game I play on Byond these days, except for occasionally playing some of the other random games with some friends. It's a great place for roleplaying or making a roleplaying server without any issues, it's also a great place for just having a discussion with people some times. As you can see, Anthony does pretty good at enforcing rules, replying to questions/suggestions, and even visiting some servers when it is needed (maybe for rules, help fixing a bug, spreading a message, etc etc).

If you run into some issues on a server, don't be afraid to move on to the next; it might take you a bit to find the perfect server for you.
Hello, players. It is I, Lloyd Ishtar. Some of you may know me, some of you may not. Something has come to my attention and I have to address it.

I've come to find out that people have been using HTML code to embed webpages into the forum post, to allow greater customization. While I don't have a problem with this, it's begun to be an issue with the forum's coding. Bad links inside of the code from the player's end has begun to destroy Forum posts, making them impossible to get into.

This would be fine, if it where only players being effected. However, people have begun to use this to 'forum bomb' servers, destroying a lot of people's hard work.

All I can say is that I'm sorry that it is happening, and that I'm trying to fix it. While I'm not aware of the origin, I do know that we're looking at a handful of ways to fix it, and that as soon as I've fixed it, it will be implemented into 2.0.

If you find someone abusing this, please contact myself, or Anthony, with the player's key, IP, and Computer ID, so we can codeban them for bug abuse as soon as possible. Please include proof that they where actually abusing, not that you just want them gotten rid of.

With that said, everyone have a great day.
We had someone making trouble. There was some damage to the hub and servers. I think I fixed everything. If you have any forum damage or that, please page me and I will see what I can recover.
O.k. being on the advice from the forum and Byond's team lacking any other fix. We changed the hub password again to clean it up. So here is the new files.


Please note if you have any problem hosting being changes in the code, contact Lloyd or me straight away. If your a new user, please page me to enable hosting powers being this is the advice given.


Being my byond membership ends in 11 days, I wanted to link everyone to the mediafire version. Being I doubt I will renew it the membership anytime soon.

http://www.mediafire.com/download/efew68ayaa8bv0u/ RPU2011b.zip
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