Wait, no one will buy Anthony a membership? :o I would, but I'm inconveniently completely broke atm.
Honestly not worried about it, I don't use the features and seems like a waste. I mean if your going to donate to Byond better to do a straight donation or get a membership for yourself. I figure if anything it might just be that thing that kicks my ass into shape.

I plan on staying being resent events, and more just feel the money could be put to better things for other people. There is a number of free services I can get by on, and being that it seems donations... well since I put up the donation box I only get them from one player form time to time.

So really, I know Byond at this point is hurting and more I can make my own means. I have done so for years. So mostly making my own choice of a bit of restructuring and that. If I need one I will get or ask for one at a later date. More looking to just slip back for a bit and do my own thing again.

Though I thank you for the offer. It means a lot.
Hey everyone,

Word from the wire of the code banned.

Gyro is threatening me with this picture.


This is my rant about Byond being I was senseless pissed at the time with other matters. Being he feels it will hurt my credentials or something. Well Jokes on him, I know the community hates me!

Naw, moving on, I felt I would share this being I felt that owners and the players weren't allowed to have rights to there programs. Reading the forum posts here ( http://www.byond.com/forum/?post=1534743 ) I saw I was wrong on few points but not on others. Mostly I feel we need more defense as owners. Something more provided by Byond.

This being this is being used to force my hand into unbanning him. Well the ban is staying, Being I know how much the community has been trying to get him out of there servers. I am not going to fold to threats and so on. Just not right.

So it seems the an hero of RP Unlimited as been told by a site has failed once again. If your pissed at me for lashing out like a human, tell me. I apologize for this. It was a mistake and I will take it like a man.

Otherwise thanks for using RP Unlimited, I posted this being requests of people should know what I think I shouldn't hide it. Being I believe the players should have a place without harassment. Why I run AC and why I make RP Unlimited so in hopes somewhere they will find a safe haven.

-Anthony Hawkina
Hey everyone,

Here we go, more hot fixes...

First a re-release of 1.5.4
Just some minor updates with security.


Otherwise a hot fix for some of the little problems coming up in the host system. (The not allowed to host message coming up when your allowed to host.) Updates on allowed hosts, and finally an update on the music list so you can delete songs out of the new sections added. (I should not code half asleep at 5 in the morning.)

Editing here to hot fix

Why is this one important? Well I fixed the icon request but it seems I finally freaking fixed it... The forum limit is extended after all this time of Microsoft telling me it was impossible.

It took some work but now the text limit is 100,000! characters over the old 2,000. Sorry, just happy to find a fix. I hope this helps everyone.

http://www.mediafire.com/download/yrdexix2pezpr7p/ RPU20112.zip
RP Unlimited v2.0.12b
+ Database system for Characters proto-typed with minor errors on resets.

+ Added Add song, Remove song, New list buttons, and Play to world button in music player.
+ Added Update Database for Admins to update all current players in world.
+ Head Admins can now set security levels on forum with set_forum_security command.(Safe Default)

* Reorganized Music Player Buttons.
* Switched Host Button for Character Database Button, Host Command now in Menu for those still hosting with Dream Seeker.
* Fixed possible forum security weaknesses.
* Re-enabled HTML for names, until better system is completed
* Fixing Character Database to get less lag on load up.

(Lloyd Ishtar)
+ Added Battle/Boss Music List.

* Fixed Targeting in Cheat Commands.

http://www.mediafire.com/download/aj7jw21dwcc9lt6/ RPU2012.zip

Hey Everyone,

Time to go over some changes, being today my Byond account runs out. So going to have to do updates a little different.

First of all I will update the hub, but post the link here. This should work better for most people being it will give you clean servers to work with. This will allow minimal errors on updating. Which will be a good thing, also allowing players to host multiple servers.

Secondly, Darth_Chaos7 has stopped consulting for us, so this will be the last update including code from him. While his version of 2.0 set us back. We are moving forward. I know this has inconvenienced a lot a users and in short I don't plan for another big switch over like this again. This being that I know a lot of people we're not happy with all the changes.

I will note, after all the rumors of me leaving. I am staying and not only being head of development, but returning as head coder and head of design. Being so many people had the outcry of version. I think I will stick with being head of design now being a lot more people prefer how I do things. This will be for the best I feel seeing the 2.0 changes where no so accepted as thought.

Further more, I will not be charging for host files at all. Being the rumor it was thought that we would be forcing people to pay for RP Unlimited. This is false and coming to a close. The allowed host think you see is just a security measure to stop people from abusing the hub. If you see it, Please contact me AnthonyHawkina on the pager, asap. You can also contact Lloyd Ishtar as well being the only other member officially on the development team at this time. I am sorry for the inconvenience as I plan to have this fixed soon enough once I get the security a little bit better.

Further more, the minor errors in 2.0.12 is that when you restart your server. It messes up the pictures in the Database. This is not the icons but the in character sheet pictures itself. It will fix when the person logs back on. Note the character sheets do support HTML and can support music in that fashion, just post your link in additional info. Hopefully this will help players move from using the forum and NPCs to just using the PC function being it does everything in one.

Finally I would like to thank everyone for staying with RP Unlimited for this time. I know it has been a rocky road to this point. Though we are recovering. I am getting out my lists again to see about help to fix up the code. Please don't message me for source files. Being the people I will be working with have worked with me for a while and I trust them. They also have signed contracts and are of age to do so. In this I hope by this time next year, RP Unlimited will have newer looks and features not thought of to this day. It's been rough but a pleasure to work for a community like this.

Anthony Hawkina

TL;DR: The error in 2.0.12 only seems to effect on reboot but fixes when the person logs back in. Darth quit again. Thanks for using RP Unlimited.

P.S. (I tried to get Galatine's update into this version but I could not figure it out without making a bigger error. This will be in as soon as I can figure out how to code it.)
O.k. hoping this works, being it is in alpha testing right now, but being people love it. I thought I would release.

http://www.mediafire.com/download/q57v86rlkf6y7da/ RP_Unlimited.exe

Welcome to the stand alone version of RP Unlimited for the players. This goes around things like the pager to use RP Unlimited directly. Supposively no install needed. No more ads, No more well pager. This works directly with version 2.0.12 allowing you to directly connect to the game.

Now this isn't fully tested and I will release updates. Though I hope everyone enjoys being this should make life easier for everyone.

P.S. If hosting on an internal network, you need to still use the pager. Being it won't accept IPs or that... this is a set back with the exe programming itself not to have a direct IP support. Otherwise, I hope this works out, it is more for the player side then the host.
Hey everyone,

Thanks to Grim, I am a member for another year.

Otherwise here is a hosting hotfix, message me if it doesn't work but people should be able to host better.


Otherwise some of the new map updates as in, otherwise for the players here is a new version of the exe. This should get rid of the double scroll bar some people where having. (I hope) It also allows you to use RP Unlimited without ads. So if it might make life easier for some of you.


(O.k. I derped, So... to the one person that downloaded, I'm sorry but I fixed it.)
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