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Armiris' Games
Development has been discontinued.
About Mythicaland
Naruto and the Bleached Dragonballs of Furious Fury: Pbag Adventure v2
A new pseudo-anime game that mixes Naruto, DBZ, and Bleach.
A painting game, similar to Pictionary. Try to guess what the artist is drawing!
About Painter
The Genie
A casual fortune-telling game where The Genie can answer any question you ask him.
Re: Armiris, The Genie!
Does this game even need a description? Also known as 'Noughts and Crosses'.
About Tic-Tac-Toe
Armiris' Demos
Shopping System
Shows how to use a say verb to interact with a shopkeeper
About Shopping System
dmi2txt Converter
Creates a colored ASCII Art picture of any icon.
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Armiris' Libraries
Blog Reader
A small procedure which reads the most recent post on a BYOND blog. Uses Deadron's TextHandling library.
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