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Medals Azerothx can earn in his favorite games

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Dynasty Warriors: Feudal Wars

They May Have Zhang Liao, But I Have You!

Kill 1000 Officers!

What Kind Of Demon Are You?!

Kill 100 Officers!

Who Is This The Work Of?

Kill 75 Officers!

By Blood, Is Grace!

Kill 50 Officers!

Hero Of Chaos

Obtain Level 100


Obtain Level 30


Obtain Level 20

Militia Soldier

Obtain Level 10

The Little Conqueror

Obtain A 1000 Hit Combo

Zhang Jiao

Unlock Zhang Jiao

Lu Bu

Unlock Lu Bu

Cao Pi

Unlock Cao Pi

Guan Ping

Unlock Guan Ping

Ma Chao

Unlock Ma Chao

Xiahou Dun

Unlock Xiahou Dun

Sun Ce

Unlock Sun Ce

Zhou Yu

Unlock Zhou Yu

Zhao Yun

Unlock Zhao Yun

Wei Yan

Unlock Wei Yan

Ling Tong

Unlock Ling Tong

Lu Xun

Unlock Lu Xun

Cao Ren

Unlock Cao Ren

Dian Wei

Unlock Dian Wei

Cao Cao

Unlock Cao Cao

Sun Jian

Unlock Sun Jian

Liu Bei

Unlock Liu Bei

Zhou Tai

Unlock Zhou Tai

Heroes United


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