it's okay just think before you speak in the future

Your views should be laughed at all the time, because they are redicoulously stupid.

it's spelled ridiculously fyi
I could care less.

actually that doesn't make much sense, as you're saying, "i care more than the minimum amount i could care (which is not at all), so therefore i do care)"

if you're trying to say that you don't care, it'd be "i couldn't care less"
by the way, it's "i couldn't care less"

that way it means that you are at the lowest level of caring, so low you can't care less

"i could care less" is like saying "i don't care, but i still care sort of"

FYI I'm still not caring. Just go back to caring about only america, kthxbai.

you care because you keep posting

and you must be checking this thread so you do care

you really care :'(
i only care about white people in america, not everyone
america is the best country in the world. we're the strongest, the richest, and the best. therefore, the deaths of our citizens are more important than some stupid black people dying in africa.

I love you.
ben, your a fucking racist.
hey pal when are you gonna hack my password?
Ben, I love you.
you too kid stay strong
desu desu desu desu desu desu

... desu
lol Dark plys hack his pw baba@
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