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Bladeshifter's Games
Reconstructing from scratch! All multi-tiled, open testing! =)
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Bomberman Battle!
Bomberman Battle!
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Dragon Ball - Warrior Within
New dragonball game. with a revamped story and gameplay.
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Fooly Cooly
Its Fooly Cooly! - Currently testing Murder Mode.
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Civilization is becoming extinct, Many have fallen except a colony of military personel. Join the fight to take our universe back.
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Friendly Neighbors
Game similair to Animal Crossing!
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A remake of the old snes Gauntlet game, with some fun stuff added.
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Harvest Moon - New Beginnings
Acres of dead land has been bought by a new mayor, it is up to the community to rebuild.
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Resident Evil: Swat
The world is becoming overrun with the infected. Join the fight and take part in the murder of many many zombies!
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Rose Red
Resident Evil style game, with a completely different story plot. and weapons.
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Splice: The Everlasting Journey
Nice looking rpg, turn based battles. Very playable =). Party others.. Battle monsters, PVP also included.
The Mario Squad
Fun mario game against each other. collect all the stars!
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The Wave Game
Strategy game where you destroy waves and waves of monsters!
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The World
Newly designed DotHack game, all custom coded, No rips. Beautiful world, Multi tiled. (TESTING)
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Zelda - Insruments Of The Seven
New Zelda game! Under Construction! Come play musical Instruments! xDD
Harvest Moon: Return To Mineral Town
Return to Mineral Town, And enjoy Harvest Moon at its finest! :).
A bunch of FUN minigames added into one game! xD
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Public Tank
You take the roll of yourself but, Outside of a fish tank, raising aqua life, You may choose to fight your aqua friend and become a champion breeder, or simply have fun taking care of it, Whatever you do... Just have fun!
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Bladeshifter's Demos
mp3 Control
Demo showing how to take advantage of full mp3 control!
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