His argument has a severe flaw, namely whether or not humans can do anything. Even if we did contribute to the global climate change, there's no reason to believe we can reverse it. Besides, the evidence clearly indicates this is a natural cycle of the planet.
The evidence that the observed drastic warming is entirely natural is that we have absolutely no observations that suggest anything like this has happened before, right?
No idea what planet you're on. The Earth has seen numerous radical changes. Lest you forget our old friends, the dinosaurs.

All indications are that temperature drives Co2, not the other way around. Besides, you gonna accept the blame for climates elsewhere in the solar system?

Your projections are based on computer models designed with false assumptions about Co2 and it's role in the climate. Your standard model of the Sun is outdated and ill equipped to explain modern observations. The earth's weather is a direct result of the solar weather we live in.

http://www.worldclimatereport.com/index.php/2006/03/21/ solar-warming/
The Earth has never seen the temperature increase this much, this fast, as far as we know (Discounting the really, really Earth, of course - I'm referring to Earth once the climate reached basically the composition it is today, mostly nitrogen, about a third oxygen, 1% CO2, the rest trace elements).

There are certainly feedbacks where increased temperatures increases CO2eq concentrations, but we have good theoretical and practical reasons to believe that increased greenhouse gas concentrations increase the amount of heat retained by lower layers of the atmosphere.

Besides, you gonna accept the blame for climates elsewhere in the solar system?

And now you're going to tell me that Mars or Pluto or whatever other planet is getting warmer, too, therefore it must be the sun/cosmic rays doing it, right?

There are two pretty major holes in that particular claim - one, we have limited climatic data for other planets, and can't necessarily tell whether it's actually warming or just fluctuating as normal, and two, any solar warming effect strong enough to show up as a signal on Mars would be pretty damned substantial on Earth. As in, the solar effect would be undeniable, because the temperature would have jumped by six degrees or so.

Funny that those computer models happen to predict behaviour so well - like the aforementioned asymmetric warming of various layers of the atmosphere, which is completely and utterly unexplainable in a solar model.

If you want to play duelling blogs... http://www.realclimate.org/index.php?p=502

Sure, we get most of our energy from the sun - having 375 PPM CO2 rather than the observed ice-core maxima of 300 PPM probably does some interesting things, though.

EDIT: Oh, and the climate change that killed off the dinosaurs was caused by a meteorite impact, not the sun. That might be important to keep in mind.
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