Please don't ask to be a host or a GM on the comments. We have (or at least used to have) a forum for that.
Fucking thank you Icefactorx, People like Phuhcue should stop making accusations and no one is getting the host files over a comment.
The community for this game was a catalyst for uptight faggots.
Rugg wrote:
The community for this game was a catalyst for uptight faggots.

Was that really necessary?

Anyways. I love you too.
Seeing as non-members can now comment on games, and that all the comments on this game are for an out-dated version, I'll post a comment. The game has thoroughly improved since the last comment, and the community is one of the best we've had. If you've ever been discouraged by the community, I recommend you try Cow RP again.
Can i be un-banned i dont even kno why i was banned in the first place and this game is beast btw
You aren't banned.
Can i be un-banned?
Just out of interest why dont you do anything about cowed?
They are a complete Rip off of Cow RP
Also i noticed that admins are Nicer on cow RP and i got banned on Cowed for Abiding the law.
Does Cow Rp have a website too?
Everytime i click on the one that is supplied nothing happens..

Also Bo never got around to giving me hub permission. The website is dead and I can't remove the link.
fukk u :D

Cow RP its a good game Shame i got Perma Banned because of something my sister did.
Please unban me?
Roleplaying with Cows... where can you go wrong?
Hey smash
Can I be unbanned? It was Pailitas's fault.
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