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These are in no particular order of importance. However, I will make sure they all happen.

* Quit smoking.
* Release a large project on BYOND.
* Save money I don't need to spend.
* Defeat laziness to press/release an album.
* Drink more beer.
I wish you the best of luck.

PS. Check your E-Mail.
My resolution will probably still be 1600x1050 by the end of the year. But my secondary might be upgraded to the same from 1280x1024.

I just had to.

As far as quitting smoking goes, give some of the aids a try. They can help, but you need to ween yourself off of them.
CaptFalcon, I e-mailed you.
Got any pieces of your music?
Normally, I am no fan of this genre of music, but I like what I hear, and I would not pirate this, I would pay for it.
I appreciate the comments. Believe it or not, I'm working with XzDoG on music a lot now. He got way better now days, so we been making instrumentals like crazy to record on.
Good luck BRANKS!

Save money I don't need to spend-
XzDog is still around?
Didn't think it was rap....and I didn't think you were black...oh man was I wrong.
* Quit smoking.
There's your big one.

* Drink more beer.
There's your worst one.
Nice Branks! Good Luck!!! I'm gonna try to quit smoking as a resolution too...
Hmm, I expected your music to be "corny" but I was wrong. I liked that track "Ready".

Hey homie, I bought you World of Goo. Thanks for the HL1 copy again!
Yammen wrote:
Hey homie, I bought you World of Goo. Thanks for the HL1 copy again!

Really? How is that game? Also, did you ever try SVEN Coop mod? It's pretty cool.