I got 103 days left of membership here. It is a new year and like I said... I WILL have a released game(s) out there. I have a simple attitude this year and don't really care about going out of my way on every little pixel art sprite I create. I just want games released. So, anyone that is a programmer and needs an artist, I'm available. I wont be wasting time shading things so brilliantly off the bat. Instead.. I prefer to just do the line art and colors. Once the project is released to the public, I will then start updating the graphics for all pixel art to a better look. This speeds things up, and allows for a quick game creation.

Any ideas for a project? Contact me via e-mail or this blog entry. Thanks!

(Not looking for anime games like Bleach, Naruto, Dragonball, Pokemon)
Well we can totally make some shit Branks.
I sent you an email regarding this post, hoping you check it soon.
Work for me Branks i'll bring the cookies :D lol
Branks! Work for me and help me take down all the competition in that RTS Competition!(Real Time Strategy)
If you agree to work with me we shall make an amazing RPG!
I could use some graphics for spies
Branks? Did you ever recieve my email?