Not because it's Valentines Day, but 3 years ago, at exactly 10:18am, my daughter Olivia was born. She has brought my family and I so much joy, I don't know what I'd be doing without her in my life. Sooooooo, Happy Birthday "Yeahyeah", daddy loves you!

P.S: Can't wait to go to Chucky Cheese and play endless games, and hopefully win some big prizes!
Well happy birthday little Olivia then :)

I don't live in America so I've never seen chucky cheese but from what I've seen on tv I'm sure you'll all have a great time :P
Aww, happy birthday Olivia :)

I have no idea about chucky cheese :) lol
Happy birthday Olivia!
Happy birthday Olivia!
And you have no idea how much fun I had at Chucky Cheese once, but you know I had to move aside to let the little kids play, I was on a roll too :P
Happy birthday!