Well, before I lay down (just got home from work)... I'm going to list off what is needed in order for Suukou Faita to be completed on the pixel art end. Not 100% complete, because the game will be forever evolving. I'm listing off whats needed for the first public testing. The Incomplete doesn't mean it hasn't been started. Just means it isn't done, but it's close.

HUD - Incomplete
Interface Design - Incomplete

Exterior Tiles - Complete
Interior Tiles - Complete

Fire - Complete
Wind - Incomplete
Earth - Incomplete

Base Animations
Male - Complete
Female - Incomplete

Hair Styles
Male - Complete
Female - Incomplete

Upper Body - Incomplete
Lower Body - Incomplete

Next update should have a handful of screenshots, and then the one after that will contain gameplay footage. I'm trying to balance working a full time job, being a father, and working on this. It's fun and keeps me very busy. So As you can see, there is quite a bit of work to do... but I can assure you the wait should be worth it. If not, oh well because Lige & I like the game. =)

If Lige likes the game, I'm sure I will as well. Can't wait to try it out, keep up the good work guys :)
Hey Branks just wanted to say great job on the game so far (from what I've seen) It's looking great and it'll be nice to see another byond original hit BYOND.
Interior Turfs are now at 60% completion! I estimate them being done by Wednesday. Which means the entire world map will be ready for Version 1 mapping!

Bigger afros
Even bigger afros
Afros that block other players' screens
wind is always fun and challenging to draw =)

Interior tiles are now complete. Now it's time to focus on Element animations.