Poll: Which class do you prefer to play as?

Officer 37% (9)
Criminal 62% (15)

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Officers Duty
To maintain the jailhouse and make sure criminals behave. Ability to use three important items (Taser, Baton, & Handcuffs) to discipline escaped criminals and keep or send them to their cells if they escape.

Criminals Duty
To find a way to escape your cell and make way to the exit for your freedom. Ability to use a fork to pick locks on doors (lock or unlock). Push over objects to block off doorways to distract and slow Officers down. Work with your fellow Criminals to devise a plan for an easy escape.

(A little side note. The game is and will be balanced. So don't think just because Officers can use the said items that they will be overpowered. That is NOT the case. Strategy! Teamwork! Stealth!)
Comments enabled. Curious what everyone likes about Criminals. I'm very surprised by the poll. Lol.
Oh wow lol, I guess I'm one of the lesser people who actually likes to righteously punish people = officer. :)

I haven't done to many bad things in life, and i wouldn't want to either lol.

But in terms of the game, Criminal actually looks the most fun because you get the chance of coming up with a way of escaping, and you get to do things to out manoeuvre or out smarten the officer.
I would choose criminal just because I get to be creative and make my own ways to escape.
To be honest, "Cops and Robbers", Which is what this game seems like its going to be. Was always one of my favorite childhood games, due to the fact that no matter what i did i always got caught as the criminal. So in my opinion, even more so since cops only get 3 weapons; Criminals should be at a disadvantage of sorts. It always makes the game funner aswell seeing as escaping will be that much more difficult.
Technically the officers should greatly overpower the criminals. The criminals have no items except the clothes on their backs (unless they sneak in materials). Numbers only mean more people to mow down if it gets out of control. The officers have cameras to monitor, and they control the entire facility. To escape in large numbers is nearly impossible, it'd need to be every man for himself, or every man helping one man escape. In the end, that one man is very vulnerable and would then have to get past the outside security. At least, this is how it normally would be.

I guess it depends where you are, but I'd much rather be the officer in control. Besides, I don't find being a criminal an appealing or adventurous life. Actually, quite the opposite. Either way, this seems like a rather outdated jail than what it would actually be like in real life. Sounds like fun though! I'm just rambling.
I didn't read the other comments

I will assume the officers must follow rules such as "they shall not kill a criminal if he/she isn't committing a visible offense."?

I remember playing a counter-strike mod where there were prisoners and officers. The officers were stuck with a plethora amount of rules to follow while the criminals essentially had no rules. It was a lot more fun and easier to be the prisoner as I wouldn't have to worry about being slayed/banned for breaking the rule. I will assume the same would apply in your game?