So it has been decided by Lige and I, to do some voiceover work for this project. I have a sample for those who are interested. It's a clip that plays when you win a round as an Officer class. Let me know what you think. I really like the way it came out, and I was just messing around too. I want to act as an announcer, kind of like on the Quake 3 Arena game. It'll add some sparkle to the already fun, fun, FUN game!

Voice Work: Click Here

We're very close to a release, and I'm sure we're happy with how things are turning out. It's only been a couple days of off and on development. So be prepared to get butchered by the awesome, Criminal class! We're coming for you brother! Criminalmania runs wild on you!!!! Here is a little screen to keep y'all occupied. Enjoy.

Criminal Minds reference.

-*thumbs up*-
I love the voice clip. lol. I honestly wish i had a decent recording program/mic to do things like this.
Sounds good =)