Poll: Which game should be my primary focus?

Suukou Faita- 61% (29)
Trap Em! 31% (15)
Global Championship Wrestling 6% (3)

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I really don't need to speak my frustrations as to why I packed up and left. However... I will say that I am only back in order to complete a couple projects out of the ones I've started. I will NOT be joining any teams. I will NOT be taking any requests for pixel art. I will NOT respond to stupidity. So what I'll do is leave this poll up for 48 hours. By the time it hits the weekend, I'll tally up and choose the top two projects to focus on. Once the art is all complete and the server is up for whatever project.. I'm out. It's been a long wasted road here, and I feel that my interest level is depleted.

Really it's my fault due to not focusing on learning the DM language in my earlier days. I'm a bit too old to sit here and learn the language. So instead, I'm forced to depend on another person to do the programming for me. Thus, why a TON of projects of mine have failed to launch. The only thing in my name on the hub is Wyllshire Road. I would have had Trap Em! out, but the programmer just didn't care to work on it anymore. I need to set my priorities on real life situations, rather than internet related matters. Not to mention there are too many games coming out this year and next year for me to be wasting more time on here. Later.
You're telling me, but I've always rather improve my consistency and ability as an artist over making a game.
Jail Em! D:
Suukou Faita...Seeing as its one of the only games im waiting to see.
Isn't lige helping with Jail em, now that VcentG is being a lazy bitch?
Ryuk25 wrote:
Isn't lige helping with Jail em, now that VcentG is being a lazy bitch?

No. I was talking about Trap Em!.
Feels. But I got fed up with all the bullshit too. Depending on x, y and z. Now I could give a shit what anyone does. Idk how old you are. But I picked up programming @ 18 (soon as i started college)...So it wasn't too late. It's a bitch but its worth it in the end...