Not because of the commercial holiday, but simply because my little angel turned 4 years old. Time flies, it's no joke. Now I'm looking for a decent school to enroll her in so she can start pre-k. I was just looking at older blog posts and the one from 2008 showing my little girl as a new born. Compared to now, it's ever-changing.

Olivia as newborn (2008): Free Image Hosting at

Olivia current day (2012):
It's truly amazing sometimes what life throws at you, and what experiences you get from that. She looks like an adorable handful, I wish you both many happy returns on her birthday.
Happy Birthday.
She does indeed look like a cutie :)

Happy birthday :)

And you look proud/cute too.
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Teka123 wrote:
And you look proud/cute too.

Appreciate the comments except that one.
Happy Bday to her.
I didn't know you played Monopoly.