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A Role-Playing game using a perk system, inspired by American Comic Books.
Working on improving game as we speak please give it some time.
by Gaboswsttj | Feb 6 2009
Because you asked for it, good versus evil will have a whole new meaning... Coming soon Q1 2011.
by Domdavden | Aug 15 2012
A fangame based on the Hit TV Series - Charmed
A role playing fangame based on the popular tv-show Charmed.
Fantasy roleplaying. https://discord.gg/MUSfvR2
by Domdavden | Sep 13 2019
An innovative, sandbox original-fantasy RP game
by Mellow23 | Jul 19 2010
Create a hero or villain and team-up with your favorite Marvel characters!
An original RP game tailored for your pleasure
Welcome to the world of Remnant whereas the story is set in the mid-evil to modern times. Technology is advancing ...
by SevenSinsGaming | Jul 19 2010
Tags: fangame
Universe of Comics is a roleplaying game based on DC and Marvel Comics.

Bubbabears' Favorite Resources

by YMIHere | May 29 2004
Tags: multitile
A mob icon that takes up two tiles, and some overlays for it.
by Shadowdarke | May 10 2005
Tags: projectiles
Pixel based directional projectiles