What would I use to do this? I want it so that the player is not in the middle of the screen. I want it 3 tiles south.
I don't want you to give me the code just tell me what to look up.
Try either client.eye or lazy_eye.
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I tried client.eye I used this


Both got errors.
And I can't see how you'd use lazy_eye to make it fixed.
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you mean
lazy_eye = 3

- RaeKwon
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You're forgetting to add the locate proc. Should look like client.eye = locate(x,y-3,z).
if(client) // just in case
client.eye = locate(x,y-3,z)
//Sadly this formula does not care about which way the mob is facing

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How do you make the camera move with you? I don't want it just stationary.
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Sorry I'm bumping this but it's kind of important.
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2 days is reasonable. However, Exadv1 had the right idea. You update the position of the eye whenever the mob moves. In other words, you change the eye within Move(). (Although, I tend to use client.Move() instead of mob.Move() just because I like to keep my client things together. *shrug*)
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BurningIce wrote:
How do you make the camera move with you? I don't want it just stationary.

I seemed to have taken down s_eye off the hub, but I put it back up there.

There was probably a good reason why I took it down, but I can't remember it right now. Anyway, that allows you to specify a forward offset to the client's screen; also, it allows you to prevent the client from seeing the surrounding blackness at the edge of the map.
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Mabey it was because Keep_Eye() doesn't work.
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Mabey it was because Keep_Eye() doesn't work.

It works just fine for me, so you must be doing something wrong.

You *must* put that KEEP_EYE definition at the top of your DME file. It will not work if you do not put it above the #include of s_eye, and s_eye is #included in the DME file.