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there is more of a chemical dependicy on cafeen than there is nicketine, but yet people quiting smoking have alot more problems. A mental addection is as bad as a physical sometimes, my mom goes nuts within a few hours of not smoking and i have when without cokacola for weeks at a time with no problem. If i can get ahold of it i drink coke almost as much as most people smoke.
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sounds yummy, but i dont want to inflict dire psychological stress on these people, merely forcefully guide them away from hurting people.

and how exactly would i deliver such a message if i were to hurt someone in the process?

Causing a fire in a drug house is dangerous enough, people could get trapped while the inferno rages on, and that would just plain suck.
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thats because there is caffeine in many many products.

Look at the ingredients for many chocolate bars, ice creams. even some brands of mayonnaise.

our bodies generally never go without caffeine. even if we try.
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i hate mayonnaise, rarly have chocolate, same with ice cream, and about the only thing i eat is meats and vegies. About all i drink is water(if im not drinking cokacola).
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cigarettes only soothe the nerves of a smoker because without one they get jittery.

when it comes to cigarettes, the only good use i can see is if you have a stomache condition that slows the production of acid in your stomache. Cigarettes help produce more stomache acid, which could be great in aiding digestion. but could be the torment of someone else.
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Even if the book is 10 years old, it would still be pritty acruat, thats only 1992 you know. These are trained profestionals(not my GYM teacher like alot of schools have) telling me this. Not someone who smokes pot themselfs. Most people who smoke pot say the same thing, Why? Because they dont want something they like to do being bad mouthed, just like people who are smoking cigs get mad when you say "You know those things will give you cancer." People just dont want to hear it.
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Just like teachers not wanting to be wrong when they are
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Just like a teen to not want to admit they are doing something bad.
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Imbob182b182 wrote:
Lol, but we're talking about those bad drugs, MARIJUANA, CIGARETTES, COCAINE, LSD and all those other drugs you smoke or snort.

There's little to no difference between them, though. Cocaine was used as an anaesthetic for a long time. LSD was originally created for psychology. (some psychologists believe it can help, even today). MDMA (ectasy) is the same--and there's a considerable amount of evidence from recent studies that it can be very helpful in psychology. Meth is only slightly different than drugs that available in prescription form--the only difference is that the body metabolizes it more slowly than other types of amphetamines. The list just goes on and on... there difference between "good drugs" and "bad drugs" is how you use them. You can get just as screwed up using legal (or prescription) drugs than you can using the illegal ones. Legal ones are often more deadly as well--aspirin and tylenol are both deadly at lower levels than virtually all of the drugs I've listed here.

Hutchy2k1 wrote:
I also happen to know what conditions "weed" is made under one its made in dusty countries full of dirt and grit two the solid form of hash is crushed together in animals urine and waste its ironic isnt it the solid form is nick named "s***e" so when you pick up a joint or a hash cookie think how do i know whats really in this and the consequences.
I only smoke chronic... your describing dirty Mex.
BurningIce wrote:
And being stoned isn't nearly as dangeourus as being drunk. Drunks do stupid things like drive and gewt in fights, when your stoned you just wanna sit down and not fight with anyone.

Right, thats why less than a year ago some fecking pothead went down the wrongside of the highway in my town ramming into a family van and killing a 12 year old girl.. nice..
BurningIce wrote:
How do you guys feel about pot? I personally think that it is fine. I would rather smoke pot than a cigarette, pot is all natural and doesn't have chemicals like cigarettes. And being stoned isn't nearly as dangeourus as being drunk. Drunks do stupid things like drive and gewt in fights, when your stoned you just wanna sit down and not fight with anyone. Usually I get agitated easily but when I'm high, I don't even want to deal with it. Another thing people think is that it makes you stupid, that is not true, it makes you lazy, therefore making you stupid. But not all people are lazy. The long term affects are better than alcohal or tabbaco. And if they would legalize it, the country would be having a lot more money. They wouldn't have to spend all the money on controlling it, and they would tax it high and get money off that. So, those are my opinions.

When i'm stoned, the slightest thing makes me snap. I like to fight when im stoned!
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RaeKwon wrote:

When i'm stoned, the slightest thing makes me snap. I like to fight when im stoned!

I'm exactly the opisite. I have a yellow belt in Kung Fu, and I usually beat up my little brother all the time >:) But when I'm stoned he hits me and I just say stop.
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LSD is DSL spelt backwards.
In response to Dareb (#19)

Is this a joke ("high on LIFE")?.. I've never heard any drug actually refered to as this.

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Imbob182b182 wrote:
Get it into your head people! Smoking is bad for you, there all bad, none of them are good! If you like marijuana so much why don't you take a s*** in the toilet, take it out and roll it up in paper! Light it up and smoke it!

And for you compulsive gamblers, form lottery tickets out of it! Addicted to video games? Stuff it in your PlayStation! Poop: it's the perfect analogy for everything bad. (Get it? ANALOGY! Hah!)

Marijuana is bad, don't say that cigarettes are worst than it because it's not true!

Or at least that's what they told us at the Philip Morris Youth Brigade meetings.

There all bad for you and if i could change one thing in life, it would be that drugs were never discovered!

To each his own. Personally, I'd probably change the part about getting old and dying.

And don't even get me started on cocaine, snorting it up your nose, you myswell just take an earth worm and sniff it up your nose like that guy did on MTV's Jackass! I heard that 90% of criminals in the United States overdose drugs and alcohal, and i believe it!

Maybe, but don't you think that if 90% of the criminals in the US overdosed, there'd be room in the prisons for people who commit real crimes?

You feel sorry for those poor people that can't afford anything, and they smoke to bring there worries away, NOT TRUE! They're poor from being addicted to drugs! Im not saying all people who are poor smoke, but some do! I'm just sick and tired of drugs, we have to get rid of this s**t!

Fair enough, if I can dictate what we get rid of next.

i bet that sniper in maryland thats shooting all the people is on some sort of drug!

Oh, that's right -- I forgot that drugs give you near-perfect sniping accuracy!

So don't say we didn't tell you when your in the hospital and you can't remember how to talk, you suficate in your smoke! So think twice, i know end my post...

All right, congratulations. I have been trolled. Have a nice day.
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Dareb wrote:
Therefore, as sad as I am to tell you, teachers are not to be taken seriously, yet, they are to be agreed to silently knowing they are wrong just to get good grades.

LOL, you've hit the nail right on the head there. :P

I had a really hopeless science teacher last semester. She was teaching astronomy (nothing I didn't know already), and had given us this chart of the planets in the solar system to colour in (like I said, she was hopeless). I coloured in Mars red (well doh), leaving some white spaces at the poles for the ice. She marked it wrong because "You didn't colour it all in, why have you got those white bits?". 0_0 :D
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Gughunter wrote:
Oh, that's right -- I forgot that drugs give you near-perfect sniping accuracy!

Actually, I believe that military snipers do take a drug that slows their heartrate so they can aim more precisely (without the little jumps when their heart beats)...

Or at least that was the case in Metal Gear
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Well, I've only been what I'd consider "drunk" all of about twice in my (I've drank plenty of times, but never enough to get myself drunk)

And it really didn't do anything for me... Besides make it harder to do I also notice that I get really talkative when I'm drunk... Moreso than

So all in all, it's not a positive enough effect for me to desire it... Not to mention that I dislike the taste of alcohol in general (beer is by far the worst)... I greatly prefer Mike's Hard Lemonade...but it takes too many of them to get me

So I really don't do it that often... And have no desire to...
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Pentazamine. It's a true drug, but its effects are a lot less pronounced (certainly not instant like in MGS). It was originally developed as a depressant to prescribe to chronically nervous or otherwise self-destructive people. It has seen limited use in the military, but due to its addictiveness it isn't used except on those who are already addicted.

Snipers typically took pentazamine a couple hours before they set up for their quarry -- it's a muscle and nerve relaxant, which eases up on a twitchy trigger finger and helps keep barrel stability. After all, if snipers reveal their position by firing without striking their target, they're done for. Same can be said for getting a friendly target in your sights and pulling the trigger before your brain tells you not to. By making them relax, it slows down their impulse (i.e. instinctive reaction) while keeping the same reaction speed. Simply put, it makes everything seem slower.

Okay, I'll admit it, I made all of this up. You believed me, though, didn't you? I'll bet if you do a search on it, you'll come up with something. =)
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